President Bola Tinubu @ One

EVERY peaceful democratic transition and change of guards in a region that was synonymous with political instability is worth celebrating. Therefore, at THE HOPE, we find the celebration of uninterrupted twenty five years of democratic governance worthy and exemplary. Particularly, it becomes imperative to beam our searchlight on the completion of a year in office by the one ‘whose turn it is’ to rule and develop the sleeping African Giant. The administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (PBAT) was inaugurated at a pivotal time when Nigerians are groaning under the heavy burdens of brazen insecurity, rising cost of living, unemployment, rising inflation, increasing foreign exchange, price volatility in the oil sector, unbridled corruption and dwindling national income. In PBAT, people saw and expressed a hope that their pains would be assuaged  and light would shine  into the dark tunnel, liberating many from the valley of the shadow of death, given the assumption that ‘a round peg’ was in the ’round hole’.

WE observed PBAT hit the ground running with policies inflicting pains, but held promises of a better Nigeria. Thus, the first achievement was the removal of the fuel subsidy which other administrations had not exercised the right political will to achieve. It is noteworthy that this act had blocked the legal conduit path of corruption, increased the revenue allocation to states, ‘promoted national savings’ and reduced the burden of governance.

UNFORTUNATELY, while government could count their gains from the ill-timed, and shoddily planned post-subsidy palliatives, Nigerians have groaned under the burdens of unchecked rises in crude oil derivatives, galloping hyper inflation, fuel scarcity and high costs of living. Thus, all the after-thought measures to alleviate the pains were like drops of water in the ocean of peoples’ woes.  The pains were further exacerbated with, paltry salaries, increased multiple taxes in all sectors of the economy; Naira’s low performance against the Dollar and high cost of food in the country. To many, it seems that the thumb of PBAT is thicker than the waist of PMB.

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IT  is however not all a tale of woes. The activities of gallant men of the force have prevented the continuous spread of the nefarious activities of bandits, kidnapping, and killings. The pockets of incidence, though disparagingly deadly would have escalated without the ingenuity of security forces. With the PBAT-led inclination towards the establishment, recognition and acceptance of State Police establishment, it is hoped that soon, with local intelligence and the weaponisation of State Police officers, the issues of insecurity would become a thing of the past in the country.  Furthermore, the rascality and abrasiveness of power drunk military personnel as well as the incidence of police brutality of Nigerians have not appeared as recurring news items, in the various media.  On most social handles in Nigeria, discussions have shown that Nigerians are interested in nation building as against clamor for division and segregation. The radical innovations in the ministry of interior, making the collection of international passports easier, plausible and accessible are also a plus.

BUT  one year in office, the PBAT administration speaks more of hope than hardship alleviation. It is expected that refineries would be resuscitated, and modular refineries would also operate at optimal level thereby leading to the reduction of local fuel prices and thus put an end to fuel scarcity. Expectedly, this, in addition to road rehabilitation and construction; the completion of the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway and improved transportation networks would reduce road carnage, transportation costs, and hence contribute immensely towards the reduction in  production costs.

THERE  is hope that the students’ loan scheme would ensure that more students would access tertiary education, hopefully get employment to repay the loans, and lead to increased human development index and productivity of the Nigerian youths. There is hope that with the current posture of the EFCC under the leadership of Mr. Ola Olukoyede, corruption may soon become a thing of the past in Nigeria’s narrative.  We also bring to reckon the fact the PBAT administration has listening ears. Thus, the halt of the Emefiele cashless policy, suspension of the Cyber security taxes, and the soft peddling on the increase in electricity tariff, reveals a President who truly rules for the sake of the people.

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HOWEVER , it is not yet Uhuru. Until the cost of living is reduced and the burdens of multiple taxation in a galloping inflation positively addressed; the provision of regular and affordable electricity and the creation of an enabling environment for productivity to all Nigerians;   Nigerians may be left with no option than to protest against unbearable hardship. To this end, there is the need for all state governors, and local government heads to cooperate with the Presidency in making life and living worthwhile in Nigeria. If the other tiers of government have Nigerians’ love and wellness at heart, then, state policies would also complement the Center’s efforts. We therefore call on government at all levels to cooperate, give Nigerians a living wage, and ensure that peoples’ expectations of a better life are not cut off.

President Bola Tinubu @ One

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