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‘Private schools owners employing dropouts as teachers’

By Saheed Ibrahim & Rebecca Akintunde

The parade of unqualified personnel as teachers by private schools owners continued unabated, The Hope can authoritatively confirm.

The National Policy on Education prescribes that the National Certificate in Education (NCE) shall be the minimum qualification for teachers in all schools.

Those who study non-education courses in tertiary institutions are expected to obtain Post-Graduate Diploma Certificate in Education to be qualified to teach in classrooms.

The Hope investigation has, however, revealed that majority of teachers in private nursery and primary schools are senior secondary school dropout and those with non-education qualifications, despite the relevance of basic education in the formation of individuals.

Among private secondary schools, some of the teachers have non-education qualifications while some do not have basic knowledge of subjects they teach.

Observation shows that teaching in private school has become the last resort for dropouts, bringing every Tom, Dick and Harry to the profession. 

One of the drop-outs, who pleaded anonymity, told The Hope that, I was in 200level when I could not further my education due to financial issue.

I had to apply to a school in my neighborhood to make some money. Maybe later, I can finish my study.

He was a student of Geology but he teaches Business Studies in the school. When questioned, he said, the school does not have Business Studies teacher and I know one or two about businesses because I have a small business too.

And it is basic. All I need to do is to read, make more research and teach the students. I also teach Civic Education.

In his reaction the State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Pastor Olufemi Agagu said government would not relent in its monitoring and regulating schools in the state.

He said the ministry would look into the trend among private schools and see how they can be strengthened they are also rendering good services.

Parents have options to either send their children to public schools or private schools. If you believe that the teachers in private schools are not that qualified, then send your children to public schools.


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