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Promote Nigerian culture, Ajobu charges youths

Promote Nigerian culture, Ajobu charges youths

From Akinnodi Francis,  Ore
The Ajobu of Araromi Obu, Oba Aderemi Adelola has admonished Nigerian youths to be involved in the promotion of the country’s culture in respect of dialects.

The monarch said that there was no country in the world that had advanced without the development and promotion of its culture.

He said youths are important to the development of any nation saying there is nowhere in the world where civilisation developed without their culture and the youth needs to take up the challenge.

“We must revert to our traditions. For us to succeed, there is need to go back to our root for a better Nigeria and the youths are the principal actors in this case”.

Oba Adelola, who is also the Chairman, Council of Traditional Rulers in Odigbo Local Government Area appealed to all stakeholders, including traditional rulers, communities leaders and politicians to put issues affecting the youth in the front burner.

According to him, “Leaders at all levels must be ready to invest in the development of the youth through proper empowerment to avoid the ‘Tsunami’ such neglect could cause in the future.

He however lauded the Federal Government for advocating the promotion of culture and on how to improve the Nigerian youth.

Oba Adelola urged people to be liberal in their religious beliefs, saying culture and religion have roles to play in the development of the society, noting that religion is a thing of the mind.

He urged Nigerian youths to avoid all forms of criminality and be agents of peace in the society.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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