Proper way to behave during a visit

By Lola Omowaye
When visiting a friend, family member or anyone, you should be cautious about your actions and steps. Avoid doing anything term rude or inappropriate.

Watch your manners and consider the feelings of your host every time you visit. What is acceptable at your home may be forbidden in another man’s home and one of such thing is helping yourself to anything in the fridge without permission. You do not know whom you might be offending or how you might be sabotaging your visit.

Is it rude to open someone’s fridge without asking first? This is applicable to all. Your ability to do this without direct permission would depend upon the level of friendship you have with the person. It is always best to ask before delving into areas where is considered private. Every time you need something from someone’s fridge always asks because you are a guest either for few hours or staying for days.

Some guest would go to the extent of taking cooked or fried meats and chicken from the fridge, all in the name of entertaining themselves. They take these things and ask while eating it, leaving the host with no option and irritated. Some will even look for things like frozen foods, provision, or valuable items to take to their own home. Please do not be a perasite when you visit people.

Some good friends prefer you help yourself to anything you need in the fridge and give you the go ahead every time you visit. Aside from this kind of situation, do not just walk to the fridge and pick anything you want. However a good host will tell you to help yourself to their fridge’s contents.

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Unless the host explicitly says something to the effect, “Please make yourself at home and help yourself to anything in the fridge,” It would be rude to help yourself.

If you are a guest in someone’s home, I think certain things are implied that you don not need to ask permission; such as using the rest room, shower or sleeping on the bed you have been assigned.

I do not think it is appropriate to remove anything from the fridge without first obtaining permission. In all probability, the first time you do ask permission, a gracious host will likely say to just help yourself for the duration of your visit.

If you are too embarrassed to ask, try a slightly different angle. “Is it OK if I pick up some snacks and keep them in your fridge?” They will then tell you exactly what you need to know and if they want you to take or keep things in the bridge. If the host replies: “Oh, no worries, everything in the fridge is fair game, please help yourself!”. Then, do them the courtesy of abiding by their preferences.

When you are given the permission to take a drink do not start scanning the fridge to size up what they have in the fridge. Imagine the embarrassment you would feel if you are cut doing that.

Every time you visit anyone be careful about your actions. The refrigerator is very personal to people and they keep edible items in it. If you need anything as a guest, let your host fetch it for you, unless he or she gives you the permission to take it from the fridge. Be careful, reasonable and discreet when you are a guest anywhere.

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Proper way to behave during a visit

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