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Proper way to wear men’s native clothes

By Lola Omowaye
Native  clothes have  become part of our daily outfits to occasions and offices. This has increased the need for us to master how best to dress in native wears. Today we will discuss about men’s native outfits. How to wear it in combination with shoes and the type of wrist watch to match. Dressing properly enhances your personality and people impression about you.

Gone are the days when people wear native with the length of the trouser just beneath their footwear or sweeping the floor. The new style is  to wear native with trouser length around the ankles. This makes you to  look neat and smart.

Fashion is involving, it could be funny to people who see you put on socks on shoes when wearing native attire. Avoid wearing socks with your shoes when wearing native outfit there is no excuse for  socks. Although native wear and half socks is acceptable, as long as people do not see the socks.

When dressing to attend an occasion, put on nice leather shoes (not laced up) to complete your outfit. Wearing a leather slipper is only allowed when your native wear is a simple plain one. Please do not wear leather slippers with agbada.

Avoid wearing your simple native wears with dressing shoes or any other form of lace-ups men’s shoes, laced up shoes are not meant to be wore with native .  These types of shoes are to be wore with suits and not native wears. It is improper to have on laced up shoes with native  attire. If you have no other option of shoes to wear, get a sandal or leather palm slippers to go with your native wear or change your outfit.

Avoid wearing your formal native wears with Canvas shoes or sports shoes for men, no matter the type. The only exception is when you are pairing your native wear top with a casual trousers/pants. It is wrong to have on a running shoe or canvas with native attire, even if it is trending with celebrities but people wear just anything especially  women, they now wear their native on sneakers.

Do not wear any form of flip flop or bathroom slippers with any native designed attire, no matter how much you love the slippers. It does not matter if you are in haste to the venue or if your shoes hurt your feet. To avoid this from happening, always buy comfortable shoes or get alternative.

You also have to consider the type of wrist watch you wear with you native clothes. Do not wear a sports watch with native just as you will not wear same with a suit. Native wears go better with leather watches or a gold or silver watch for both men and women.

Sometimes  people just dress in any colour combination and call it colour blocking, even when dressing wrongly. Please try to comply with the rules of dressing each time you step out of your house,  dressing well in native clothes is no exception. Your dressing speaks volume about you, so dress properly.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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