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Proposed Electricity Tariff  Hike

Proposed Electricity Tariff  Hike

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, early this year fueled  Nigerians who have been living in darkness and paying for services not rendered by  proposing  an increase in  the electricity tariff.

AN analysis of the latest NERC directive shows that the Federal government agency has actually increased tariffs payable by all the major classes of power consumers. By the new electricity tariff hike, residential  customers in the R3 category under Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDC, who currently pay 47.09/Kwh, will start paying same beginning from April, indicating no increase.

COMMERCIAL customers in the C3 category under the Disco, who currently pay 47.09/Kwh will  also pay the same amount. Industrial customers in the category D3 under BEDC, who currently pay 47.09/kwh in 2019 will still pay the same amount starting from April. But in big cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, Ogun, customers will pay through their noses for the  services.

GOING by the latest  directive, it implies that power tariffs in Nigeria have increased by over threefold in the last five years.

WE are all aware of the epileptic  electricity supply in the country. No community could enjoy electricity for 24 hours, some communities in the last 10 years have been  living  in darkness with no respite. Nigerians are yet to get value for the money paid on electricity bill.

THEREFORE, the proposed increase is coming at a time majority of Nigerians are economically hard pressed and  displeased with the poor and epileptic supply from the discos. The national grid collapses at will, disrupting socio-economic activities. Many households cannot afford to store food items in  their refrigerator, while commercial and industrial companies spend huge amount of money to power their generators.

DEFINITELY, this decision will impact negatively on the country’s citizenry. It shows that  the agency  with its latest decision hadly thinks about implication of such before implementing the policy.

  OTHERWISE, there is no basis for the present hike in electricity tariffs. This increase will only provide opportunity for the Disco, Gencos and others to profiteer at the detriment of impoverished Nigerians. It is quite glaring that structures that will make consumers to enjoy their money have not been put in place. People  install  their prepaid metres, wires, poles, while the companies just distribute darkness everyday.

In the present situation, Federal government  agency has not convinced  consumers why an increase in tariff is  justified or necessary at this tough period when suicide has become an option for some Nigerians.  Therefore  the Federal Government has failed to protect consumers’ interest in this matter.

THE regulating body,  NERC, too has failed woefully to protect the consumers, neglecting its responsibilities. There are many cases of infractions before the regulating body which have not been attended to,  we therefore encourage the body to protect the interests of the consumers as well as that  of the investors

THE HOPE calls on the Federal government not to succumb to the antics and pressure of the distribution companies, for the economic reality on ground do not support electricity increment now. Government too will be promoting corruption if it can accede to the request of the electricity companies.

 GIVING in to the increment will be quite insensitive to the economic realities and climate of doing business in the country which will be highly affected.

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