Proposed Evening/Sunday Markets

Afew days  ago, the  Ondo State Government  announced a plan to establish evening and Sunday markets to address problems posed by the huge traffic along Oja-Oba and Arakale axis of  Akure, the Ondo State capital.

THE chairman of the committee and  Special Adviser to the Governor on Transport,  Mr. Tobi Ogunleye, gave this indication in  a chat with reporters in Akure.

MR Ogunleye decried the way by which traders  use their goods to cause traffic holdups at the Akure metropolis during official hours.

ACCORDING to the Special Adviser, the committee on the issue of the markets plans to stop  hawkers from using major  roads as their stalls.

CONSEQUENTLY, parks such as the MKO  Abiola Democracy Park, Arakale and Olukayode  Park will be used as  evening markets after the close of work.

ACCORDING to Ogunleye,  all  modalities have been put in place to achieve the initiative, which would soon be implemented.

ONE of the reasons for evening markets in major towns in the country is to  cater for the needs of  the working class   and those who have no time to shop for their supplies during day time.

ANOTHER reason is that traders  make up for the opportunities lost during day time when millions of people are at their working places.

EVENING markets also  thrive  because  law-enforcement agents don’t usually disturb  traders at night, so people can operate outside government control. Unfortunately, unregulated  evening markets  have been causing  a lot of problems.

SO we understand the Ondo State Government’s desire to establish  regulated evening and Sunday markets.

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IT is a commendable gesture, because  traders will be confined to the designated parks to ply their trade.

TRADERS who are unable to carry out their business in day time can  do so in the evenings  at designated areas, which means traffic  holds up at day time will be a thing of the  past.

BY confining  traders to the designated parks, their produce can be monitored to ensure quality control.

UNLIKE in unregulated  evening or Sunday markets,  aggrieved  customers could get help from market authorities once disputes arise from business transactions.

HAVING said this, we advise the state government to draft the health sector into this initiative, as evening  markets in other Nigerian cities are often criticised on account  of poor sanitation.

THE appropriate government institution should provide trash bins around the evening and  Sunday markets to facilitate easy collection of  waste materials.

GOVERNMENT should ensure street lights are permanently switched on at such night markets, so that traders don’t use the cover of darkness to sell substandard goods to  unsuspecting members of the public.

IN as much as we respect tradition, we advise the committee in charge of operating the evening markets to liaise with the Deji of Akure for success of  the endeavour.

PEOPLE  should also be persuaded  against  using tradition to cause lawless activities at the proposed evening markets.

TRADERS should be discouraged against seeing the traditional rites performed by the Deji  as a license to display their wares by the roadsides.

PROPERLY implemented, the initiative should  bring  more revenue  into the coffers of government, but it should be implemented in  such a way that traders find it affordable.

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WE hope necessary security and  health steps  have been put in place to protect health and lives of those who will operate the market.

APART from providing security personnel to discourage criminality around the market, the place should be properly lit to make transactions lively and secured .

IT will be an invitation to  chaos if  security is not  factored  into the  operation of the market   as hoodlums and area boys might exploit the loopholes for extortion of innocent people .

OPERATORS of the proposed market are equally advised to liaise with the local community and the  Deji in council to avoid conflict of interest between traders and traditionalists.

Proposed Evening/Sunday Markets

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Proposed Evening/Sunday Markets

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