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Public Expectations Of Amotekun

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URGENT security need y to nip in the bud the upsurge in crime threatening the peace of the South West states recently gave birth to the inauguration of Amotekun Security Network Initiative.
FEW weeks ago, The Ondo State government inaugurated its own Amotekun agency to flush out the invaders robbing, kidnapping and destroying farms in the state.
BEFORE the inauguration of Amotekun various groups in the country had been demanding for state police to no avail, largely because the centralised policing system in the country seems no longer to be living up to its expectation, to bring succour to risingg, wave of criminality in the country. It incontrovertible that the Nigeria Police lack the capacity to adequately protect citizens.
AMOTEKUN was therefore borne out of necessity and the need for self survival by the people of the South Western part of Nigeria whose properties, especially farm lands were being destroyed and lives being snuffed out by the hoodlums who attack at will. The situation looked gloomy and hence the need for what was seen as Western Nigeria Security Network, code named “Operation Amotekun.”.
AMOTEKUN is thus expected to rise up to the ocassion and be above board in its operations. It must strive as much as possible to avoid being used as a tool of political oppression and suppression of real or perceived opponents. We allude to the words of its Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State at launch in Ibadan as it always resonate in the ears. According to him ,”Amotekun is a complement that will give our people confidence that they are being looked after by those they elected into office.”
THEREFORE, the Amotekun operators and Commanders should note that they are being called to protect lives and not to take them. They are supposed not to become sources of terror to the poor through criminal activities like extortion and other corrupt practices.
AMOTEKUN is expected to work in synergy with other conventional security agencies, especially in the field of intelligence gathering as it is expected to be closer to the people than those taking instructions from Abuja.
WE of The Hope suggest that the Amotekun Corps’ presence should be more visible in rural communities and areas that are less policed and prone to criminalities. They should rely mainly on local intelligence and cooperation of the local leaders. With less tough handedness but friendliness with the local populace, they are likely to enjoy better fraternity with the local people who know criminals within their localities and likely to give them more information that will help in proactively check-mating criminal activities.
THE Hope notes the wisdom in the words of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State wherein he said that they are mainly expected to be in the forest to monitor happenings there. Therefore, the Amotekun members should see their calling as one to service and should not allow the lures of urban areas to deter them from performing the civic duties to which they have been called. Amotekun corps should ensure that they make judicious usage of the restricted weapons at their disposals and be ready to account for them appropriately.
AMOTEKUN should not allow the ramp lure of money turn them into insatiable “Oliver Twist” always asking for more, at the detriment of innocent citizens they are paid to serve. Amotekun should be morally above board so that the detractors can be put at bay and the south west will be at rest and peace. It needs to ensure it progresses and develops at appreciable pace while the criminals find every inch of soil not habitable for them again.

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