Rampant Cases of Suicide

Rampant Cases of Suicide

THE increasing cases of suicide in the country are becoming worrisome and it calls for urgent attention towards  stemming the ugly situation.

 SUICIDE, which simply means someone deliberately killing himself  or herself, is being perpetrated for reasons which include economic crisis, depression  among others  seen as very absurd,  strange, irrational and trivial.  In recent times, one hears of people jumping into the Lagoon due to intractable  financial problem,  hanging themselves because of mere temporary and redeemable academic setback, killing themselves over jilted love and committing suicide over manageable health challenges, etc.

       GIVEN  the fact that human beings have different thresholds, the reasons why some people resort to suicide vary, but the main causes for the rise in suicide cases tend to revolve around depression among others. Besides,  the traditional African love for fellow colleagues  which was prevalent in the past has been eroded by the almost universal craving for wealth at all cost.  These days, people commit suicide because of some matters that could have been successfully solved by other members of their immediate families.

  NO thanks too to some  foreign films, especially those accessed on the digital satellite televisions, where suicide is  portrayed as an act of bravery  instead of  being viewed as  a sign of cowardice and  an abomination among  various ethnic groups in Nigeria. The bizarre story of a student of  Ogun State origin  who filmed himself drinking  an insecticide; snipper, in a suicide bid over his  UTME poor result is a classical  example of misplaced heroism. Suicide rate go up are also on the increase because many schools lack  Counseling Unit. In the tertiary institutions, some lecturers are more of sadists than foster parents they are supposed to be, while traumatized students have little or no opportunity for respite  in “difficult and tough situations” and thus creating opportunity for the devil to give wrong counsels to the troubled  youths.

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    MANY jilted lovers , out of illusion or religious dogma opt for suicide  with a view to end it all.  Still, people have different levels of thresholds. Thus, we see some people deciding to finish it all because they are sick and see their problem,  health wise, as insurmountable. This is compounded when they consult traditional healers who for pecuniary gains  magnify their problem  so that they can be ready to cough out whatever they are charged eventually.

  THE  stigma which is usually attached to some ailments does not help the pathetic conditions of some sick ones among us. Some weaklings  have chosen death over seeking solutions to problems liked debt, fire outbreaks, or institutional liquidation. We had some people moaning in their last  suicide messages to the living that they opted for suicide because of frustration from the society due to inclement situation they found themselves.

 PAINFULLY, many of those who ended  up committing suicide usually give subtle warning signals of the ungodly and unscriptural deed. But our  uncaring and wicked society  is not sensitive enough to  take note of such “warning signals” till the dreaded act comes to reality. And that illustrates the fact that we can avoid more suicide cases by being our brother`s keepers. People seen or observed to be getting distressed should be adequately counseled by elders and relevant government agencies .

 OUR schools, especially the higher institutions, should be staffed with adequately  remunerated, dedicated and well-motivated counselors to guide distressed students.  Governments should make adequate insurance provisions for entrepreneurial outfits so that the owners will have places of succour when problems come. We should go back to the days of yore when we lived as brothers and sisters and  shared commonly the joy and sadness of any member of the society without any iota of selfishness.

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 PARENTS  can help in reducing suicide rate by  playing advisory roles and allowing their children and wards to marry spouses of choice and move with the trends of things in the contemporary times instead of remaining in the past.

 THE Nigerian Film Censors Board should encourage the production of films that showcase high moral standards while parents should be closer   to their wards and children and encourage them  to share their feelings and experiences.

 THE Hope  believes that all of us should join hands to drastically reduce suicide cases in our land through more humane and kind-hearted many -pronged approaches to the menace.

Rampant Cases of Suicide

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Rampant Cases of Suicide

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