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Randy landlord in trouble for frolicking with tenant’s daughter

By Sunmola Olowookere


A sixty-year-old man’ s world is being rocked by a slip of a girl. The girl is the daughter of his tenant. The parents of Calabar origin has three children. It was the only daughter of the family that was frolicking with the landlord. She is fearless and unrepentant flirt.
She has her attention fixed on males ever since she achieved puberty.
Their house is the busiest and the noisest house in the neighbourhood.It has about twelve rooms and six families lived therein. The landlord although a man in his sixties had no qualms “rocking the cradle”.
Despite his age, his virility goes undoubted as the residents of our neighbourhood and the tenants realised following the embarrassing debacle arising from the discovery.
The lust that enveloped of his affair with clare the house made people refer to it as the ”den of iniquity” in our neighbourhood. Girls flit in and out of the house. The guys living there strut about like peacocks and preen like cockerels.
They pride themselves as being in high demand as girls in our neighbourhood often fought over them. The king of them all was the landlord who was having a love affair with an eighteen year old, a girl young enough to be his granddaughter.
Though the love affair between the randy old man and Clara, was kept secret, yet people had began to keep tab on the girl who was seen sneaking in and out of the landlord’s room at odd times.
The landlord was so much enjoying the young girl’s attention that he could no longer controI himself. At times, he would be discovered touching the girl’s sensitive parts outside while the silly girl would laughingly slap his hands away. At other times, it would be the girl giving him coy glances and making lewd jokes with him. They were so carried away with their affair that they were unaware that people were observing them.
The girl felt no shame in romancing a man old enough to be her grandfather because he was a very generous lover. He bought goodies and gifts for her. He also gave her money often.
The day of discovery and embarrassment dawned just like any other day. The girl’s brother had begun to sense a foul play for some time. Family had confronted the girl and she had denied that she was having an affair with the landlord. Hence they were watching her so they could catch the duo redhanded.
On that day, the mother had seen her slip inside the landlord’s room, when she thought nobody was around. The mother waited impatiently for her son to return from work.
As soon as he came in, she had rushed to meet him.
”Come, come, Nnamdi, she don enter there again. Na today we go catch them.”
The other tenants had stood by while the mother had pounded on the door. ”Open up, Clara. If say na me be your mother, come out here.”
The brother who had stationed his friends by the window, sensing that the girl might escape through it, pounded on the window.
”You this yeye landlord. You dey useless my sister. Una don enter trouble today.”
After some minutes of shuffling about the room. The randy old man sheepishly opened the door to the angry glare of his lover’s family and the curious gazes of other tenants. Though he was filled with the fear of discovery, yet he spoke with bravado.
”Wetin be dis now? Which kain insult be dis? Una wan break my door? Your daughter, Clara, no dey here. Come inside, come look”.
They all went inside. They searched every comer of the room and even under the bed, Clara was nowhere to be seen. The mother was puzzled. But she maintained. ”I no say she dey here. Even I dey perceive odour of lovemaking.”
So saying, she spat in one comer of the room, which further’ angered the landlord. The landlord was blustering and he warned them never to barge into his room like that again.
Puzzled, they turned to leave. They were, however, halted by a fit of coughing that came from inside a metal box in one corner of the room. It was inside the box that clara hid. The heat inside the box had suffocated her which made her to cough. With triumph, they pounced on the box, ignoring the landlord’s protest. And, surprisingly, Clara was discovered in the box with only a wrapper covering her nudity. All hell broke loose as her mother and brother attacked the Landlord.

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