Reactions trail Tinubu’s 100 days in office

By Bólúwatifẹ́ Akinola,
Elisha Arafin &
Emmanuel Oluwadola


Stakeholders across Nigeria have expressed mixed-feelings regarding President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s 100 days in office.

While some said his 100 days have not been palatable for Nigerians due to the removal of subsidy on Petroleum, others said Tinubu’s administration cannot be adjudged based on just 100 days in office.

A political scientist, Prof. Akinsola Agagu said President Tinubu had been able to make key appointments into his cabinet, adding that those he appointed would determine the extent of his success.

“We are assuming that he has put the right people there, who can help him to achieve his laudable agenda, so  the first 100days have been very chaotic, particularly with the issue of the removal of fuel subsidy, because that affects so many things,”

Agagu, however, said it would be hasty to judge the new administration based on the first 100 days in charge of the affairs of the nation.

He added that the president was still putting mechanisms in place to address the battered economy, insecurity and other issues he inherited from past administrations.

“He is just settling down in his first 100days and I think what he needs to do is to translate his agenda into viable policies and put the right instrument in place to achieve them. I think these are things he may be struggling with in this 100days,” he submitted.

In his assessment, Prof. Bayo Fasunwon opined that President Tinubu appeared to be primarily focused on setting  up his structure, cautioning against any premature expectations of substantial accomplishments.

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However, he also pointed out significant challenges arising from these initial months, particularly relating to the removal of subsidy without adequate plans to mitigate their effects.

“I think the 100 days have only brought more pressure to him and Nigerians.” He would be *concerned about possible military take over as it is going round in Africa now, in the West African subregion, especially with the facts that the citizens are undergoing pains; that is why they supported the military”*

“I think what he should be doing now is to ensure that the pains of Nigerians are alleviated, so that the military will not succumb to the temptation of trying to take over” he added.

He emphasized the pivotal role the newly appointed ministers should play in advising the President and ensuring effective governance, saying that getting the right ministers and board members in place would guide the President in making sound decisions.

“Possibly After the NLC two days warning strike which it had been postponing over time, maybe the reality on ground will also dawn on him so that he would know how to outreach the pains on Nigerians” he added

A lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin University, Dr Babatunde Oyinade said the overlapping ambition of Tinubu was disastrous, opining that the fuel subsidy should have been postponed.

He also added that Tinubu should have opened all borders and allowed goods to come into the country to alleviate the hardship of the masses.

Dotun Ojon, a political analyst, said the first 100 days of Tinubu brought mixed feelings.

Reactions trail Tinubu’s 100 days in office

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Reactions trail Tinubu’s 100 days in office

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