Ready for election

By Evelyn Omotoye
Simplicity and smartness are key in considering how to appear on the days of the forthcoming general elections in the country.

Be it officials of the electoral umpire, party agents, politicians, observers, press or an electorate, you don’t have to dress shabbily or dress your best as if you are out for a ceremony.

Like a sportsman, you should wear a body fitted shirt or top with a pant trousers or a pair of jeans preferably, short, three-quarters or long. If it has to be skirt, it has to be smart easy to walk with.

Gown, skirt and blouse and others? Well, you could try out any, as long as it makes you appear smart and very comfortable come rain or shine.

Note that there will be no free vehicular movements, so ensure you footwear is very comfortable. Pick the flat free shoes such as snickers or sandals to trek conveniently irrespective of how far your pooling boot is.

Don’t forget to go to the field without a cap, hat or portable umbrella so that you won’t be impatient staying on the queue before it gets to your turn because of sun scotch.

Election is purely a serious field exercise, so be well packaged, no need for a serious look with bag and baggage, no heavy make up or busy Jewellery. Just appear simple, smart and be comfortable.

Ready for election

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Ready for election

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