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Reasons for backyard farm

By Oluwatomi Olatoye, 08052069264


1.  Your farm food Tastes Better. Your fresh vegetable will taste better than the ones bought from the market.

2.   Local Produce is Better for You – The fresher the produce, the more nutrients it retains.

3.    Backyard Farms can cost less than the market – On the average, a 4-person family spends around N500 a week on tomatoes, pepper and vegetables at the market. To start your vegetable backyard farm costs less than N500 and you begin to harvest your leafy vegetables in less than 30days.

4.You Know Where your Food is Coming From – using ethical, chemical-free techniques to keep your backyard vegetable farm flourishing. An average piece of food bought in the market will touch at least 6 set of hands before reaching your table. Food from your yard is solely a relationship between you and the earth. With all the current health and food safety issues, the less hands touching your food the better. Eating from your yard also reduces harmful emissions from the chemicals and pesticides used to accelerate plant growth and extend shelf life.

5. Helps you save money – the prices of vegetables and other foodstuff are on the increase. Families spend a lot of money on food. A small garden in your compound will enable you save some money..

6. Your backyard farm gives more Variety- as you plan your garden decide to grow different types of vegetables based on your family preferences. Growing different varieties will result in more interesting dishes for the family.

8.     Be part of building a self – sufficient Nigeria –for every one involve in food production either on a small scale or large scale you are a part of Nigerians who believe in ensuring food security in this country.

9.     Backyard Farms Build a Stronger Community. Idea and recipe exchanges, food drives, and a variety of community-based relationships will develop from owning a backyard farm.

10.   A Backyard Farm is an Investment in Your Future. Controlling your food source, learning from it, and teaching your children and neighbors how to be more self-sustainable is good for everyone involved. With a little work, sun, and water, your backyard farm will always produce food, a basic necessity, regardless of the economy.



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