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Religious leaders should be politically neutral – Cleric

From  Jimoh Ahmed. kare-Akoko
As divergent reactions continue to trail the direct involvement of religious leaders in politics in the country, such men of God have been admonished to try as much as possible to maintain their positions as heads and do away with any attitude that would portray them as being partisan.

The National Missioner, Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, Alhaji Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Ahmad made this admonition in a chat with The Hope at a forum in Owo.

Sheikh Ahmad who frowned at  a situation whereby religious leaders involve  themselves in endorsement of  candidates posited that although these leaders have the right of association,  it should not go beyond that in order to keep their respectability and the unity of the religious community in their care.

The Islamic cleric emphasized that leaders must be careful in their actions and inactions, so that they would not be seen or suspected to be partisan.

“They must not be partisan because their members are free to join  or belong to any political party. Whereas they have the right to freedom of association including that of political party, they should not impose this on anybody”.

The AUDs Chief Missioner therefore called on religious leaders in the country to be careful in leading their followers.

Alhaji Ahmad maintained that heads of these faith must focus on their callings as this entails to guide, speak the truth to those in authority without fear when the situation calls for it, live above board and be transparent in whatever they do.

“They should be focused on their callings, guide and admonish the people, speak the truth in all situations, live above board, they must be simple and worthy for people to emulate. They must be transparent in all circumstances”.

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