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‘Resumption beyond nose masks, sanitizers’

By Kehinde Oluwatayo


The move by Federal Government to reopen schools in Nigeria after closing to curb the spread of COVID-19 may be a mirage as many people believe government cannot provide what it takes to reopen now.
Some people who spoke with The Hope said what it takes to reopen is massive and will cost a lot if COVID-19 regulations would be adhered to.
A parent, Mrs Ileola Ephraim said reopening is beyond nose masks, sanitizers, or even testing kits.
“What happens in their hostels, can government build more hostels because where four people used to stay, it has to be reduced to two if they want to adhere to COVID-19 regulations.
“And if they say they should resume batch by batch, what of a 300 level student who still needs to write a 100 level carry over course?
“There are courses that more than 1,000 students offer, what size of lecture theatre will contain them?
“So I don’t see how it is possible to reopen schools now”, he said.
Another parent, Mr Peter Oluwadare said he would not allow his child to resume because he believed that maintaining social distancing is not feasible.
He said government cannot provide what it takes to ensure social distance among the students and should allow them to stay with their parents.
Mrs Folasade Adebayo noted that spacing is the problem, adding that they can only reopen if they can make more space available.
“Well, maybe they will reduce school hours so that there will be enough space to accommodate the students but will they increase the teachers’ remuneration,” he asked.
She suggested that each school must have a doctor with quality health care services to ensure the students are safe.

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