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Return schools to missionaries, govt urged

Return schools to missionaries, govt urged

From Fisayo Akinduro, Osogbo
Governments have been urged to return schools back to the missionaries in order to improve the standard of education.

The old students under the aegis of St Charles Grammar School, Osogbo Old Boys Association said the call became imperative based on students’ academic performances over the years, hence the need for state governments to return the schools because students are better managed by missionaries than government.

The old students believed that handling schools back to their original owners will help curb the falling standard in the education sector.

They are of the opinion that when schools were in the hands of owners, they were properly managed under strict regulations of the missionaries.

They identified the takeover of schools by government and the eventual change of administration as the bane of the education system, hence the call for the reversal to the old order.

Speaking at a press conference organised as part of activities to celebrate the 59th St Charles Founder’s Day Anniversary in Osogbo, the President of the alumni association, Charlean Rotimi Aluko, said the return of schools to its original owners would remain their standing advocacy point until the government takes heed.

He said handing the schools back to the owners would allow government focus attention and investment on other sectors of the economy begging for attention.

According to Aluko, “Government alone cannot take care of our education. It is not only peculiar to Osun State, but Nigeria as a whole. As a matter of fact, they have other sectors of the economy which require much attention.

“In other climes, what government does is to stay by owners of schools in areas of policy, regulations and control. They should leave the business of doing the business to the business people.

“They need the involvement of stakeholders who are motivated in to do it. We would continue to pass this to the government whenever we have the opportunity to meet with the governor.”

The alumni president urged Nigerians to always look back and assist their former schools, as their involvement remained critical in assisting to properly fund their alma maters.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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