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Rock your Dungraees

By Bamidele Kolawole


Dungraees are types of garment usually used as protective clothing when working. The garments are commonly referred to as a “pair of overalls” by analogy with “pair of trousers” originally, but in the fashion world now it is being worn as gown (short or long)
They have a long stitching line starting at the neck and going along the crotch line at the front as well as the back. Pockets are usually topstitched. These are worn by both men and women.
Dungarees have always been a fun and fashionable outfit option. Whether you are looking for something a bit more elevated or want an outfit that is on the trendier side, or just want to wear something that’s cute and nice , there is an overall outfit that will fill your fashion needs.
Dungraees are basically a closet necessity and super easy to style.
No matter the occasion, from picnic in the backyard to brunch with the girls, pals, overalls are a simple yet fashionable choice.

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