Rock your wedge sandal

Rock your wedge sandal

By Bamidele Kolawole
Shoes are a necessity for most women. It goes with every possible outing that they need to attend.

Wedges are one of the most versatile types of sandals, so there are a lot of outfits that it will suit.

Wedge sandals have a joined heel and sole, which is often made from wood, cork or acrylic. The base of the sole is sometimes wrapped with another material such as leather or suede to match the straps.

All types of wedges can be worn with your dress, no matter how it is, boot wedges, sandal, pumps or sneaker wedges. You will need to choose the right height and style of shoes to match them with a stylish dress.

You can wear wedges with jeans for a casual outfit that is perfect. For more elegant look that still feels casual, wear wedge sandals with a dress.

They look fabulous and elegant when paired with a casual outfit or maxi dress skirt, summer dress, short skirt and wide or flared pants. Wedges are the perfect shoes to go on a day date with someone special to you.

If you are nervous, you can always take them off before you step on the sand. A tiny wedge or block heel should be fine if that is what you like, but in general, there is no reason not to embrace the opportunity to be comfortable for an hour-long event.

You can typically get away with wearing wedge sandals throughout all weathers, much longer than you may think. Just look for styles that offer a little more coverage than typical summer shoes.

Rock your wedge sandal

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