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Friday, December 9, 2022

Sachet water sellers hike price

By Francis Akinnodi


Many sachet water producers in Ondo State did not produce due to the increase in the price of the product.

A seller, Luke David, told The Hope yesterday that the price increment was necessary for producers to produce quality potable water for consumers, which was not visible with the current cost of materials for sachet or bottle water production.

“Water is important to everybody and water is life, the cost of maintenance, and production keep going up every day.

“In order to satisfy our numerous customers and ensure they have drinkable water on their table, the only option open to us is to increase the price from the current N140 to N200.”

He noted that the decision to increase the price was not easy, but alleged that government had done nothing to assist water producers in alleviating and regulating cost of material.

He said most cities where nylon and other materials for water are being produced with regular electricity, are selling between N200 and N250 per bag.


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