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Scent it up

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


Perfumes form an important part of a lady’s make-up. They make you smell good and pleasant at all times therefore, a lady’s wardrobe is not complete without some of these scents.
Unfortunately, many believed that wearing perfumes amount to materialism or worse still, some are of the opinion that perfumes are meant to be worn by people who has body odour, meanwhile perfumes can be worn by anybody regardless of whether such a person has body odour or not.
The fact remains that, even when one does not have body odour, there are times when the smell that emanates from the body will not be too splendid, A lot of things can be responsible for this.
One, the weather condition in many parts of the country is harsh, except during the core rainy seasons, most people experiences heat for the most part of the year.
Moreover, many are engaged in hard or tedious jobs.Some walk about most of the time ,because not all Nigerians have cars. Due to exposure to unecessary heat, people tend to sweat excessively and the implication is that when sweat mixes with body odour, the result is bad smell.
This explains why an average lady should make it a point of duty to always include at least one jar of perfume to her list of needs whenever she is going for shopping.
Beyond the fact that people sweat a lot in this part of the world, wearing perfumes add to your elegance, People who come across you will not have to be irritated because of the smell of that oozes out of your body.
However, as much as it is good to wear scent, it should be done with care. There is the need to check through the ingredients used for the perfume to be sure that it does not contain agents that can cause cancer. More so, perfumes are gender sensitive and instructions are usually obviously written on the bottles.
Most of the perfumes meant for women are mild.This is because women are generally considered to be mild and tender. Therefore, read the instructions before getting that perfume.
Always put the people around you into consideration while wearing that scent. If many of them complain about the smell of your perfume, then there might be a need to change it.
Though, not everybody can imbibe the habit of wearing perfumes at all times. Remember, you will not be completely dressed for some outings if you do not scent yourself up.

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