Sending love from afar, Distance healing is real and here’s how you can send loving thoughts to your dear ones.

By Aditi Raman Shridhar
Ever received some loving dreams or visions of your mother, father or anyone really close to you when you were sick or depressed? In a majority of cases, the dreams and visions appear when you need them the most. In fact, many a times you may yourself have also sent positive and healing thoughts to someone when they were in need of it or perhaps even unknowingly – just out of pure intuitive guidance.

A week ago, a friend of mine said she had fallen sick and got fever due to change in weather. And being away from her mother also added some extra pounds of emotions. She said one night when she was feeling most uncomfortable due to high fever and body pains, she saw her mother appear in her dreams and caress her forehead with the loving touch of her palms. She said she saw how her mother tapped her finger on my friend’s nose and smiled at her. The dream gave my friend an instant jolt of loving energy and brought her back up in good spirit and jubilation. In another span of 24 hours, my friend was feeling up and about.

Distance healing is a simple, effective way to impact someone even if they are miles away. The beauty about utilizing distant healing is that you don’t need extensive training to do it. All that is needed is intent, a sincere desire to help people and a willingness to sit or lie quietly.

Intention and choice to heal are the two basic premises of Distance Healing. Scientists use both the concepts of energy vibrations from a sender and a person’s own imagination to explain distance healing. It is difficult to differentiate between the two and tell which is happening because either you would receive the positive vibrations from someone and feel better in your body even in waking state or your mind will create an illusion to heal you while you are asleep.

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Famous spiritual healer Jeffrey Allen says good intentions and good thoughts for someone in need of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental help is much more important than you might realize. We abandon these ideas thinking that it issupernatural or rubbish but they are powerful and occur intuitively. And there is immense evidence to back it up.

The fundamental idea behind distance healing in Quantum Physics is that everything, including the body and our thoughts, are energy. Intention is energy, and it does not have any time or space constraints unlike our physical senses and that intention can influence the behavior of particles. The intention of the experimenter accurately influences the outcome of the experiment.

In a 2008 study, it was proved that people trained in distance healing – that is sending healing intentions from a remote location – could influence the autonomic nervous system of the recipient. The autonomic nervous system is the part of the nervous system that controls involuntary bodily functions like heart rate, sweat, digestion, etc.The study showed that when one person transmitted his or her healing intention onto a patient, the recipient’s autonomic nervous system showed an immediate activation. This was measured with skin conductance (the skin’s ability to conduct electricity).

This well-designed study had the “senders” send intentions for 10 seconds at a time, followed by a break – and every single time they sent their intentions, they activated the autonomic nervous system of the “receiver”. When the sender was taking a break, there was no activation of skin conductance in the patients.

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The best results were found with people trained in compassionate intention, but even untrained participants were able to generate an automatic response.The conclusion is that healing intentions such as love could create positive changes in another person regardless of distance from the receiver.

Going back to the premise of Quantum Physics that everything is energy, ask yourselves if you have ever suffered from a prolonged period of stress or depression? More than likely, your body might have suffered too. There is no doubt that the mind influences the body and vice-versa. But to use the energetic power of thought (intention) over distance to heal another person is very powerful stuff!

Our thoughts, emotions and intentions radiating out from us are like music radiating out from a radio. Our ears may not perceive the music when there’s a physical obstacle or distance from the radio – but that doesn’t mean it’s not there! It just means we can’t consciously perceive it.

However, distance healing doesn’t work always. More than likely, it’s due to either lack of focused intention (for example, trying to send intentions about a person’s physical health and their emotions at the same time); or, the energy of the patient’s intention is blocking the sender’s intention.

The best results happen when both the sender and the receiver are “on the same page.” They must both believe that the process works, so that the intentions aren’t polluted by contradictory thoughts; this is especially important on the part of the patient – the expectation that healing would occur. The second reason is that focus must be very direct on a specific topic and not dilute the intention with too many generalizations. And third that not everyone is equally capable of performing distant healing but it is an ability that can be developed to a large extent.

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Develop your distance healing ability

Scientist David Hawkins in his book Power vs Force, talks about a scale of energy vibrations, scaling from 20 to 700+. The emotions such as guilt are measured at 20 and 30 respectively and love, joy and peace at 500, 540 and 600 respectively. Hawkins says the best way to increase distance healing ability is to first raise your own vibration. This can be done through meditation.

Meditation makes all the conditioned negative beliefs and energy blockages to get cleaned up.And when you reach a high vibration, you begin to radiate joy, love, health, abundance and peace. Imagine how your intentions, magnified by these powerful vibrations, will affect other people!Even without directing your intention, you can help other people around you feel better; and “around you” means the entire planet! Anytime you raise your energetic frequency, you automatically raise the frequency of people you think about. The tips to do a distance healing is below:

Visualize divine light and love entering you and filling you and radiating it out to the person you are thinking of

Visualize the person you want to heal

Visualize the person receiving the love and light. Imagine it filling every cell in their bodies, bringing health, happiness, vitality and joy instantly and abundantly.

Hold your visualizations for a brief period

Distance Healing is powerful and very real and it can bring tremendous love and peace to someone in need of it. Enjoy the happy energy radiating within you and radiate it out to the other person. Until next week.

Aditi Raman Shridhar is an Indian journalist, therapist and health instructor.


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Sending love from afar, Distance healing is real and here’s how you can send loving thoughts to your dear ones.

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