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Skill acquisition: Shoe Making

By Abosede Ajala


There is none among the under listed skill that is not lucrative if we are to examine each of the skills, but, as an entrepreneur, you are out to see where the materials are readily and easily accessible, and  the location that has not been able to unlock these virtues.

–              Solar Installations/ Repairs and Maintenance

–              Tailoring

–              Shoe making

–              Pastry work

–              Hair styling (unisex)

–              Make-up Artistry

–              Paint making – Emulsion, Glossy and texcoat                       paints (for buildings)

–              Mechanics -rewiring, panel beating etc.

–              Event planning

–              Interior and Exterior decorations

–              Electrical Installations Repairs/Maintenance

–              Furniture making etc.

–              Home insecticide/cosmetics and  organic                              products

The role of entrepreneurship in our economic development is associated with innovation and the ability to fill market gaps, by closing the short-falls between market demand and supply which serves as a catalyst for any nations economic development. Until it is discovered, that entrepreneurs are the major players in the nation or state economy, and a vehicle for economic transformation, revitalization and development, it will be difficult to put an end to unemployment.

There is one clear fact, Nigerian Government Policy supports entrepreneurship at various levels with different dispensations which has tried to curb the high rate of unemployment through introduction of various intervention programmes targeted at entrepreneurship development in the country, notable among these programmes are the establishment of National Directorate of Employment (NDE) in 1986 with emphasis on skill acquisition. Also the creation of National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) in 2001, aimed at poverty reduction through vocational training programmes for youths and creation of employment opportunities in agriculture and auto mobile industries others are SURE P,-with components such as Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS) this is saddled with the responsibility of creating opportunities for the Nigerian graduates, they are to be attached to either public/private firms/organizations for training and meniorship, which is for a period of one year and on a monthly stipend from Federal Government.

Development of entrepreneurship education in our society should be given a priority, there is daily increase in the population of our nation in terms of birth, growth, unemployment etc., therefore, it is of our utmost desire that government revisit the teaching of entrepreneurship/skill acquisition at all level of our education, compulsorily transforming this into business idea generation and innovations.

Shoe making: is another lucrative skill that is trendy at all times and season, it is the process of making footwear, the producers can be addressed as a cobbler, cordwainer of soler; it is a person who makes or mends shoe, popularly called shoemaker. Celebrities always wants to make a difference with their designer shoes. The shoe making business is highly profitable.


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