Societal needs must inform school curriculum —Educationists

By Boluwatife Akinola

In a push for an education system that matches the needs of Nigerian society, educators have highlighted the importance of aligning school curricula with the rapidly evolving world.

 The director of Genesis Tutors, Uju Onyekachi emphasized the significance of digital learning in today’s AI-driven society, advocating for flexibility in learning methods such as online and face-to-face options.

 “The societal needs and the school curriculum should go hand in hand. We need to adopt new curricula, such as mental health studies, that will help society cure the menace of depression and mental health issues. There should be a match between education and society.

“The issue of inclusion of basic sign language should be made compulsory because it helps to include those that are deaf in our day-to-day activities because they also have the potential to be released to society, and by including basic sign languages, we are giving them that right to be part of society,” She said.

Additionally, Onyekachi advocated personalized tool kits that allow students to focus on strengthening their skills in specific subjects, suggesting their potential application in African education systems.

She stressed the need for mental health studies to be incorporated into school curricula. By raising awareness and providing support for mental health issues, she believes education can play a vital role in combating problems like depression.

 Similarly, Mr. Segun Oladapo, Team Lead at MO Education Initiative, emphasized the interconnectedness of education and society.

 Oladapo underscored the role of education in helping younger generations understand and meet the needs, goals, and expectations of society. 

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He emphasized the dynamic nature of education, stressing the importance of adapting curriculums to changes in areas such as ideology, religion, and agriculture to reflect societal developments accurately.

In his words, “The primary purpose of education is to help the younger generation understand the needs, goals, and expectations of society. Education is a social system, and a meaningful curriculum must be able to adapt to society’s changes in areas such as ideology, culture, religion, agriculture, and others.”

“It is now essential to ensure that the school curriculum aligns with society’s needs. This requires obtaining input from various stakeholders, such as teachers, policymakers, industry experts, and even parents.

“By doing so, we get an informed decision that can be made on the appropriate curriculum that will foster the development of society,” He said.

Societal needs must inform school curriculum —Educationists

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Societal needs must inform school curriculum —Educationists

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