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SON educates Agro Allied on MPK fertilizer

By Fatima Muraina
Following the directives from the Federal Government to evacuate imported MPK fertilizer from the market, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has begun to sensitize Agro Allied Association on the product.

The Ondo state Coordinator for SON, Mr Gabriel Agafie made this known while speaking with The Hope in Akure.

On the embargo on the importation of MPK, he stated that it was an attempt to boost local market with made in Nigeria products.

“Federal Government feels Nigeria has all the required produce to manufacture the product because, it is being manufactured in the country “, he observed.

He said government also feels that it is better to establish some of these factories to further engage people rather than spending huge amount of money on importation.

Agafie explained that the directive received from the Federal Government stated that the product should be quickly evacuated from the market.

According to him, in order to avoid sudden enforcement, it became necessary to sensitize the Agro Allied Association on the development.

According to him decisive action has not been taken because the directive is banning importation and not enforcing the removal from the market”.

“We discussed with the Agro Allied to come and give appropriate information on the stock they have so that we can be able to give them adequate notice to sell off what they have”, he said.

He urged Agro Allied Association to stop patronising or buying imported MPK fertilizer, saying that his organisation will soon start enforcing the directives from the Federal Government.

Agafie noted that his organisation had met with some of the dealers to know the quantity of what they have in their shops before taking appropriate decision.

He also called on the people to ensure buying only the products that have certified logos of SON which indicated the authenticity of such products .

The Certified products, he noted, should have a MANCAP description of a logo of an eagle head and a SON cap logo which has a mark of gold in form of SON inscribed on the products for the imported goods produced for Nigerians.

 Equally, he called on people who bought product and could not derive the needed value or satisfaction from it to come with the Warrantee and complain at the consumer complaint desk where such issues are handled.

” If they buy any goods within the period of warrantee and the product failed to give the required value or satisfaction, they should send such product to us we will treat it administratively*

” The complaint desk is a resourceful and very productive desk and had handled several of such cases satisfactorily”, he noted.

SON educates Agro Allied on MPK fertilizer

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SON educates Agro Allied on MPK fertilizer

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