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SON tackles substandard products in Ondo

By Francis Akinnodi


As part of its renewed efforts to fight the growing number of fake and substandard products in the country, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), has said it would take its sensitisation campaign to importers and traders at some major markets in Ondo State.
Speaking with The Hope in Akure, Ondo State Coordinator, SON, Mr. Ado Ibrahim, stressed the need to fight against the buying and selling of fake and substandard products.
According to him, SON believed that fighting against fake imports among traders, would help to identify those importers, manufacturers and traders, who are not complying and those, who are genuine and highly committed to complying with the required standards.
“There are those who are not willing to comply with standards. These set of people are enemies of the public and their acts are not only dangerous to lives and property, but also drains people’s pockets.
“We must also protect the businesses of genuine importers and traders by eradicating substandard products from the markets and ensure that Nigerians get value for the money spent on goods.”
Ibrahim noted that it is the responsibility of SON to make sure that products sold in Nigerian markets especially in Ondo State are safe for use.
The SON state coordinator however urged importers in Ondo state to approach SON for the branding of their locally manufactured products with customised brand-names, rather than using labels of already established foreign brands, which according to him, amount to promoting and creating employment to those countries nationals.
“Substandard and fake electronic gadgets cause lots of hazards including electrocution, deaths, injuries, loss of revenue, among others.
“We want to seek the contribution of traders as worthy stakeholders in this fight against sub-standard products. We urge you to avoid non compliant trade,” he warned.
He assured the people that SON would continue to engage relevant stakeholders to promote self-regulation to eradicate substandard goods from the market.

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