Southwest Security Summit: Matters Arising

Southwest Security Summit: Matters Arising

THE leadership of the South West political zone who were miffed by the bold increase in the level of insecurity of lives and properties in the zone took the bull by the horn and called a solemn assembly to discuss the menace and proffer immediate solutions to the incessant attacks by vicious men of the underworld. Their actions could have been predicated on the Yoruba proverbs that stipulate that one does not leave fire on the rooftop and take a nap, and the fact that a trap needs to be set for an incoming invader in order for law-abiding citizens to live in peace. This move by the Southwest leaders and especially, the geopolitical zone’s Governors under the leadership of Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu is the best after the solemn meetings called by Lisabi and the Ekiti Parapo in order to stop the menace of invasions in the region.

THE Forum emphasized the need to reform, and revamp the police system. The general opinion that the Police in their present state are trying, but inadequate in size, weaponry, and native intelligence to tackle modern crimes is a nationally accepted observation.

THEREFORE, THE HOPE salutes the vision and courage of the promoters of the Summit-DAWN for their prompt response to the frontal threat posed by sponsors of mayhem in Yoruba land. The leaders of the South West region must therefore educate their members in the State and National Assembly not only to support the creation of the State and Local Government police, but also lobby their fellow assembly members from other geo-political zones to effect the necessary constitutional changes that would make this resolve a reality.

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WHILE waiting for the constitutional changes that would birth the State and Local Government Police, the State Governments must inaugurate a Joint Task Force (JTF) that would comprise all security units and trained local vigilante groups. The success of such efforts against the Boko Haram insurgence is undeniable. While local vigilantes would act as informants, intelligence gatherers, and guards in the nooks and crannies of the State, the federal and state security units would have the legitimate use of coercion to arrest, and prosecute all criminal elements in the society.

HOWEVER, THE HOPE reiterates that the JTF’s rules of engagement must be clearly stated and that the men and ranks in the unit must be well equipped and subjected to periodic training and re-training exercises. In order to make their work easy, telecommunication service providers must also be given the necessary enabling assistance to improve telecommunication reception all over the states, in order to disseminate information and nip criminal acts in the bud.

IT is adept that the summit also reiterated the fact expounded in the Social Contract Theory that the security of lives and properties in any political system is the major duty of elected leaders. The Governors therefore owe it a solemn duty to the people to safe guard their lives and properties, not only as a sense of duty but also as a calling, whose failure has grievous political and divine consequences.

THEREFORE, THE HOPE admonishes the chairman of the Governors’ Forum, to export the resolutions of the summit to other governors for adoption, domestication, and implementation. When all Governors in the South West and other geopolitical zones cooperate and collaborate against insecurity, the nation would become too hot for any criminal element to continue their heinous crimes.

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STEMMING from above, THE HOPE also places a demand on government at all levels to give the necessary support to law enforcement agencies that could aid in stemming the tide of insecurity in their domains. It is therefore expedient for State Governors in the South West to provide logistics and incentives that would enhance productivity, to all the security agencies in the state. This gesture should also not be a once in a tenure affair.

THE yearly budgets must reveal their intentions of the war against criminality in deed and in truth. THE HOPE enjoins the security agencies to use the available resources at their disposal to exterminate criminality. Therefore, there is the need for security agencies to rework their anti-crime strategies and invest in intelligence gathering. Furthermore, security agents, must reciprocate every gesture of State governments, and turn the heat on marauders in the community and bring such to book and eschew corrupt tendencies.

ON a final note, THE HOPE commends the efforts of DAWN at making the summit a success. It however encourages the State Governors and all participants to hit the rod while it is still hot. Therefore, all hands must be on deck and every stone turned, as immediate implementation of the Summit’s recommendations must begin in earnest.

Southwest Security Summit: Matters Arising

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Southwest Security Summit: Matters Arising

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