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Sports industry for human development -Musa Nimrod

By Femi Atolagbe


The President, Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Musa Nimord has described sports as an industry for human development.
He said sports is a process of recracation that is rooted in identity, self determination, loyalty, the preservation of human dignity and social pride.
Nimrod stated this at the closing ceremony of the 2nd edition of Numan Federation Volleyball Unity Cup.
He added that “Sports help us to think through big ideas of entertainment, competition, personal and physical development as well as social growth stressing that the future of sports and it’s impact on the society is shaped by an array of factors.
According to him, the factors includes advance in technology, leadership, rules modifications, the future of coaching techniques, Organization, participation and spectatorship.
The number one volleyball personal in Nigeria, noted that sports has been an intergral part of social development which has moved from mere form of exercise to an advance and competitive engagement through innovations.
“Sports is an instrument of local, national and international peace and development” he added.
He called on private corporation to invest in sports as an industry with economy value rather than charity for political correctness, ” sports is a conglomeration of different industries out together, stressing that a growth in sports is a growth in different sector of the economy”.
Earlier, the Adamawa state Chairman of Volleyball Association, DCP Stephen Hasso Rtd, said the purpose of the tournament is to further the peace process of the Hama Bachama in the Federation, which the Hama Bachama has put in place since assumption of the Royal seat.
He added that the support the association got from the royal father and the President of the Volleyball Federation made the association to organize the competition that has been decribed as success.
In the final matches payed for both men and women categories, Numan men team defeated Shelleng team by three straight set to win the converted trophy while Numan women team defeated Demsa also by the margin.

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