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Step out with elegant bracelets

Step out with elegant bracelets

By Kolawole BAmidele
Since ancient times, humans have used jewelry to decorate themselves, display their wealth, and communicate meaningful symbols.

These reasons are, of course, much the same today. You might choose an intricate metal chain because you think it’s pretty, or a diamond bracelet to emulate a celebrity.

When it comes to symbols, brand logos have generally replaced the stamps of pre-modern artisans. But people still wear bracelets to show what is important to them.

Should you go for bold and chunky or sleek and delicate like beautiful before we get into matters of taste and style, think about which type of bracelet will look better against the backdrop of your arm, wrist, and hand.

When we say the bracelet should match your wrist size, we are not just talking about whether it fits around your wrist.

The width of the band, the size of the beads and embellishments, and apparent weight of the bracelet all matter too. You want to choose a bracelet that complements your appearance, which is why it is important to consider your bone structure.

That is how you will know whether to look for one that’s wide or narrow, simple or extravagant, and solid or delicate. Then you can use your bracelets to camouflage your wrist.

If you love hand band, why not wear your beliefs on your wrist with elegant? Inspiration will always be close at hand.

The gorgeous hand band can go from edgy to dressy, to casual and back again. It all depends on how you style them.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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