Still On Tramadol Circulation

OUR country, Nigeria, is today facing a multi-dimensional socio-economic crisis that need determined efforts at solving them. One of such malignant epidemics is the importation and open consumption of an illicit and dangerous drug in circulation in the country.  Ordinarily in its pure and intended state, it is an analgesic and which is expected to reduce the level of pain a sick person or a person being operated upon would feel. Today, it is being abused and sold to gullible Nigerian youths. These youths are predictably being psyched to believe that consumption of the drug will increase their power to perform hitherto tough tasks.

 ONE thing is sure, some heartless and unscrupulous businessmen had capitalized on the porous nature of our borders to effect, in conjunction with their foreign manufacturers, flooded the country with this drug. It is gaining more popularity among our youths. Unfortunately while those importers are smiling to their banks, numerous parents and other innocent members of the Nigerian populace are grieving as a result of the negative effects of this drug. They are suspected to be coming mostly from China.

MANY of the consumers had ended up committing ‘suicide” outright or indirectly through continuous usage or its overdose. The advent of this drug, Tramadol, is with noticeable increase in violence in the country and the hitherto unheard of heartless nature of violent crimes in Nigeria. The free use of Tramadol by youths therefore needs drastic and decisive steps. We should not tarry any further, if the nation is to be spared of more untimely death and violence that Tramadol usage is bringing upon our people. We cannot afford to remain placid as the next victim of Tramadol  by proxy may be any person.

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 THE HOPE believes, that urgent and more practical steps should be taken by all and sundry to complement the efforts of the present Administration at banning the importation, sales and consumption of this drug. We advised parents to monitor their children and wards against being inducted into the inglorious hall of shame associated with the consumption of illicit drugs.

IT is believed that if our border control mechanisms are enhanced, the entrance of this drug will be reduced. Culprits found importing Tramadol and other banned drugs should be made to face the music as opposed to the mild and kid gloves the “killers” are enjoying.

THE Federal Government should take a more proactive steps by using diplomatic channels to block there importation into the country. The host nation of the country being fingered to be the producing companies should be pressurised into stopping its production, or at least, importation to Nigeria.

WE should not only be seen as talking tough but acting tough if the need arises, otherwise, the nation of the manufacturing companies may be dilly dallying with the dictum, “ No morality in international politics “

THE various drug control stake holders should be more proactive. Here, it is hoped that the National Orientation Agency, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Ministries of Education and Information and other stake holders should go on aggressive sensitization in schools, markets, joints and other places to advise against the evils of taking Tramadol which had been given various attractive nicknames to bait the impressionable youths.

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 THE cooperation of Interpol may be sought to compliment our local policing efforts towards tracking the importers of Tramadol. Handsome rewards and incentives should be given to people who gives out useful information to law enforcement agencies.

THE HOPE is of the opinion that local professional bodies concerned with dispensation of drugs should be involved in this quest to eradicate the usage of Tramadol. Their erring members should be seriously sanctioned and reported to the police for prosecution.

TOTAL eradication of circulation and unapproved usages of Tramadol must jointly be fought with all seriousness it deserves.

Still On Tramadol Circulation

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