Stop selling your future, Arije cautions voters

Stop selling your future, Arije cautions voters

By Adekola Afolabi
Veteran labour leader in Ondo state, Pastor Oyekan Arije, has charged voters to desist from selling their future by collecting money from politicians to vote for them.

Arije, a Pastor-in-Charge of Christ Apostolic Church, (CAC), Akure, gave the admonition yesterday while delivering a sermon entitled, “Fruit of Your Deeds”, which was taken from Isaiah Chapter 3 verses 10 to 11.

The man of God explained that the ‘Teka Ko se’be’ (vote and collect money to make soup) syndrome is a curse, which the people, especially the electorate should avoid in the Saturday House of Assembly election in the state.

According to him, collecting money to vote a particular candidate in an election is a perversion of the truth, as this would not allow the righteous and reliable person get to the position of authority.

He told the congregation to desist from all forms of unholy behaviours as everybody would eat the fruit of his or her deeds on the judgement day.

Arije urged every individual, either high or low to re-examine his or herself and avoid cheating other no matter how small.

He called on Judges to stop perverting justice, while traders and artisans should avoid using fake measurements, selling or using substandard materials for jobs which they have collected money for quality materials.

The clergyman equally cautioned politicians and civil servants to shun falsification of records and embezzlement, but ensure that  everybody gets what is due to him or her for the betterment of all.

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Stop selling your future, Arije cautions voters

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Stop selling your future, Arije cautions voters

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