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Student attempts suicide over WAEC fee

By Bamidele Kolawole
I wanted to commit suicide because my sister did not pay my WAEC registration fee on time and I felt neglected among my friends.”

The 16- year-old student of a public secondary school (names withheld) said this during an interview with The Hope.

According to her, “I told my sister about the registration, she said that she would give me this week Monday and I attempted suicide last week Friday because all my friends had paid for their own registration,” she explained.

According to her, the school management have collated the name of those that registered, and chased those that have not registered out of the class.

She noted that their registrar had taken their lockers to an unused hall and locked them because they failed to pay their money on time and told them to register  elsewhere.

She said that she attempted to commit suicide when she got to school on that day, but was rushed to hospital immediately.

According to an eyewitness, the SS3 student wrote a letter to her friend before she committed the act on Friday by drinking a poisonous substance.

In her suicide note, the girl stated that she decided to commit suicide because her sister did not pay her WAEC registration on time.

She stated further in her letter that when she died, her family should use her best cloth to bury her.

The victim’s sister who she live with, who pleaded that her name should not been published said that the girl drank poison in the school and went to hide.

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The sister said that she took the girl to school on the fateful day, but later she received a call from her school that the girl was hospitalised.

She said when they got to the school, the principal and the teacher narrated the story of the incident to her.

She noted that the girl wrote a suicide letter to her friend to give her family after her death while they were on assembly and left them to a hidden place.

After the incident, they found the girl in an abandoned classroom and she was already foaming from mouth, and they rushed her to a private hospital in Akure.

The sister narrated how she has been taking care of the girl since the death of her father when she was three years old.

The grandmother of the victim said that the school authority have expelled the girl from school because of the incident.

According to her, they have gone to a private school to register the girl to partake in this year WAEC exam.

Student attempts suicide over WAEC fee

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Student attempts suicide over WAEC fee

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