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Student’s death: PermSec tasks Principals on  discipline, integrity

Student’s death: PermSec tasks Principals on discipline, integrity

By Bukola Olamona
Principals of  public secondary schools in the Ondo state have been charged to make integrity and discipline their watch-words .

The Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of Education, Rev Akin Asaniyan gave the charge in an interview with The Hope on measures put in place to forestall the re-occurrence of what happened  at Ijo Mimo High School, Akure where a final year student of the school lost his life while climbing a mango tree to pluck the fruit.

Asaniyan said if schools principals and teachers do not do what is right and close their eyes to what is happening around them, then they are accumulating conflagration that will destroy the fabric of the society soon.

” A child that is not trained properly will end up been a nuisance to the society, hence the need for teachers to go back to the basics where love, integrity and disciplines are not compromised,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary stated that:” For every public school in the state ,as soon as a student is admitted and within the time he or she will be in school, the first parent is the Governor of the state, the second parent is the state Commissioner for Education, the third parent is the Accounting Officer( Permanent Secretary), the immediate parents should be the principal and the teachers, until they close to go back to their respective houses to their biological parents.

” Principals and teachers must do what is right knowing fully well that there are evils in the world,” he enthused.

He noted that signals have  been sent to schools in the state to step up their monitoring activities as this is  fruits season, students should therefore be prevented from climbing trees.

According to him:”Circulars have been issued to that effect, giving  a strong warning that any defiant principals or teachers will be dealt with accordingly, school principals may end up been prosecuted as the students are under their care directly, so they must not be careless”.

Asaniyan also disclosed that the ministry will soon organize a training session for public schools Principals  on leadership and emotional intelligence to improve their skills on how to care more for students under their purview.

While commiserating with the deceased’s  family, he said the ministry will not deal lightly with the issue.

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