‘Students must leverage technology for learning’

By Boluwatife Akinola

Students and youths have been advised to utilize available technologies to enhance their learning and career development.

They are also advised to exploit social media platforms, and Artificial Intelligence, seek mentorship, pursue certifications, and use the internet to their advantage.

The advice was given at a youth mentorship programme themed “Empowering Youth for the Future through Technology” in Akure.

Speaking on “Promoting healthy technology habits”, Mrs Bukola Oladeji warned against unregulated technology use, especially AI, by students.

The mental health advocate cautioned against excessive dependence on technology, noting its potential hindrance to brain growth and long-term assimilation.

She advised students to set limits on screen time and prioritize research that adds value, as prolonged internet use could lead to distractions rather than productive outcomes.

Oladeji underscored the risks associated with exposure to inappropriate content, urging youths to be intentional about avoiding such distractions and debunking the misconception that intentional avoidance of distractions equates to missing out on trends or lifestyle choices.

Another speaker, Mr Saheed Ibrahim, emphasized the importance of utilizing social media platforms to enhance career prospects and highlighted that by following individuals in their chosen career paths, young people can gain inspiration and valuable insights, ultimately fostering a culture of continuous learning.

He encouraged youths to leverage digital tools in their respective fields to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

The journalist emphasized the value of pursuing courses with certifications tailored to specific career choices, urging youths to invest in their professional development.

Additionally, he cautioned against the misuse of the internet and advised youths to channel their online activities towards productive learning, including taking technology-related courses available online.

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Addressing the future of work and technology, Christopher Olusa emphasized the importance of youth readiness for advancements.

He stressed the need for young individuals to prepare themselves for the evolving technological landscape, urging them to aspire to be part of technological progress.

Earlier, the Programme Manager of We Aspire Mentorship Initiative, Mr. Adebayo Balogun stated that the program aims to inspire students towards their future ambitions and provide mentorship on utilizing technology to enhance their education and excel in their respective fields.

‘Students must leverage technology for learning’

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