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‘Substandard goods influx killing industries’

By Francis Akinnodi


The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), has disclosed that, importation of substandard goods into the country is affecting the growth of local industries.

Speaking on a national television and monitored by The Hope, Director General, SON, Mallam Farouq Salim, said substandard products are killing local industries that are supposed to create jobs for the teeming unemployed youths, thereby, fuelling insecurity such as banditry, kidnapping among others.

According to him, substandard goods also affecting the nation’s economy and Nigeria cannot survive with the influx of substandard goods coming into the country.

“If we bring in substandard goods, then we are killing our local industries.

“Substandard goods lead to insecurity that it becomes a problem that the wealth accrued can’t be enjoyed. We have too many unemployed Nigerian Youths and it doesn’t occur to us that we are the one responsible for their unemployment.

“The point of this gathering is to make sure we try to sensitise one another in what we look out for. When we bring in any substandard products, we are not here to spoil anybody’s products, we are doing it to protect your business and people that are buying the products.

“In other climes, when you buy a product and sell it to the public and the public get injured or they don’t get satisfaction by the product, you would get sued. When you get sued, you lost lots of money, sometimes, they take you to jail.

“In Nigeria, we have not developed to that level. In Nigeria, someone will import substandard cable and sell it to Nigerians and fire spreads out because of that cable and the whole family perishes and die.”

He said, nobody tracks the sellers of that product, arrest that person, and charge him with manslaughter, adding that absence of that has made businessmen think their business is only to make money by hook or crook.

He urged the stakeholders to engage in importation of genuine products into the country, adding that, if substandard goods continue to come into the country, the local manufacturers and industries would be destroyed.

Salim noted that the essence of the sensitisation with stakeholders was to communicate and share views on how to make businesses more efficient.

Meanwhile, the vice president of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Dr. Kayode Farinto, said the country must win the war against importation of sub-standard goods in the country.

Farinto while delivering a paper at the event, informed that SON has vacated the seaports about few years ago, with the intention of the government to allow the Agency do the role of regulation outside the ports.

The ANLCA vice president, noted that, if the trend is not arrested urgently by providing solution, then it may affect the economy and dwindle the nation’s income drastically.


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