Success Tips: Fear of failure

By Tope Babatope
You may have dreamed up solutions, you may have creative ideas, but until you wipe out fear of  failure, your project will never get off the ground. Expose your fear of failure to the light of truth. Fear thrives in darkness. Faith thrives in daylight. Throw the light of understanding on your Fear of failure and you make the amazing discovery that you are not really afraid of failure after all.

You think  you are afraid of failure, but you are not. What you really fear is that if you fail, your friends and your peers will laugh at you or leave you. The fear of failure is, in fact, a fear of embarrassment or abandonment? After all you are able to care for yourself.

Then why are you afraid? Because the fear of abandonment is a fear of the loss of your self- esteem. You fear disgrace. So you are not really afraid of failure, you only think you are. You are afraid that you will lose your self- respect. Remind yourself that people never abandon the hard trying loser. For years the New York Mets were the laughing stock of the baseball world. But their fans loved them in spite of that because they knew the team was trying to win.

You will truly love yourself when you see what wonderful friends you have. Remember that honest failure is no disgrace – lack of faith is the real shame. Cowardice is shameful.

If you don’t try because you are afraid that you may have to work harder, sacrifice more, or get involved, that is ignoble ! When you try again and again demonstrate dedication, courage, faith, and self- sacrifice, you will attract a whole new set of real sacrifices, you will attract a whole new set of real friends, those who gave your self respect a boost.

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Being made in the image of God, man cannot stand to be shamed. Mans nature demands that he be treated with dignity. Fear of failure is a  self- contrived defense mechanism subconcsciously fabricated to shelter an insecurity ego from moving ahead in a risky and potentially embarrassing, experience.

You decided to build self-dignity by ignoring your so called Fear of Failure and you develop amazing insight and discover that Fear of Failure does not promote  or protect self -respect. Actually this fear is a contraceptive that prevents a self respect. Suppose you have a great idea, but having surrendered  to Fear of Failure, you let the golden opportunity pass you by.

Success Tips: Fear of failure

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