Sunshine Queens demand award of quarter-final, compensation  

By Femi Atolagbe
The Sunshine Queens management has requested from the organizers of AITEO to award the quarter final match against River Angels to Sunshine Queens since the Rivers Angels has run foul of the rules and regulations of AITEO Cup competition and disqualify River Angels from the competition.

Sunshine Queens FC, also requested that Rivers Angels FC pay a compensation to Sunshine Queens for time and fund wasted on the protest.

This is contained in a protest letter written and signed by the Secretary of Ondo state football association, Mr Daodu Alex.

The protest letter reads in part, this is to inform you that our affiliated club Sunshine Queens FC, Akure Ondo State had protested against Adebayo Yetunde and Alice Ogechi both of rivers Angels FC Rivers State that are not properly registered for AITEO Cup and they are not eligible to play in their last game against Sunshine Queens FC Akure .

The two named players were playing abroad when the AITEO Cup competition started in march 2018.

The player Adebayo Yetunde of Rivers Angels together with Alabama Jonathan of Bayelsa Queens travelled the same day to country of Israel and came back the same day after the registration of AITEO Cup competition has closed which made the players ineligible to participate in the competition .

It will be recalled that Adebayo Yetunde and Alaba Jonathan were players of Bayelsa Queens before they left for Israel same day and come back same day but Yetunde were unable to register Alaba because of the closing of registration.

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From the aforementioned Adebayo Yetunde is also ineligible for AITEO Cup competition.

Article 45.5 of NFF rules and regulations for its competitions states that “a foreign based player are not eligible to be registered or to participate in its competition unless such players are properly transferred and cleared”.

So we request the ICT of the players in question.

The club, Sunshine Queens has satisfied Article 52.5 protest and appeal that Say’s “the match commissioner and the centre referee shall take a photograph with player(s) against whom the protest is made.

Sunshine Queens demand award of quarter-final, compensation  

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Sunshine Queens demand award of quarter-final, compensation  

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