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Suya may increase chances of cancer, heart disease—Expert

Nigerians have been warned against the continous consumption of charcoal-grilled red meat, known as ‘suya’ as it increases chances of dying from heart diseases, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

A Professor of Anatomy in Edo State University, Uzairue, Obioma Nwaopara stated this while delivering the 6th public lecture series of the University, titled “The Brain And Human Cravings: Inquests On Diet Induced Neurodegeneration”.

The Don who recommended a positive life style adjustment for those experiencing inordinate craving for particular foods or unhealthy diets, said people should include efforts that encourage disentanglement from detrimental self-indulging convictions about particular foods.

He therefore enjoined people to reduce too much consumption of suya as it is usually prepared from red meat source.

According to him, “Eating suya prepared from red meat can increase one’s chance of dying from various diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease adding that, “this suicide-like trajectory is unequivocally scary and should no longer be ignored”.

Nwaopara who is also the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) of the University, further advised people to avoid undue social-class pressures that encourages negative group-driven behaviour like emotive or sympathy eating and drinking.

He noted that it is important to note that neurovascular disorder encompasses those conditions that result in cerebrospinal ischaemia, infection and hemorrhage as various vascular and perenchymation changes have been associated with vascular anomalies.

He added that neurodegeneration is cascade of events involving the progressive loss of nerve cell structure and function and subsequently the death of the cell as a result of the exposure to nerve cell toxins, infections, hypoxia and defect in metabolic processes.

He said: “We should be determined to eat balanced diets that are periodically complemented with our healthy exercises and fruits/vegetable regiments.

“We desired the best in life and basically strive for five basic needs, food, water, clothing, shelter and electricity and also we desired good health and good living.

“Our overall daily struggle is simply to live a comfortable and fulfilled life and satisfaction which varies among individuals depending on the circumstances but the self-destructive manner by which some individuals deal with the satisfaction factor even when it is to the detriment of their health and overall wellbeing calls for concern”.

“Hence, many go over-board in their quest to acquire or even consumed what they really don’t need and the manner by which some individuals manage their instinctive desire irrespective of the attendant consequences several health related challenges that includes the rising incidence of mental health issues and debilitating disease, some of which have been tagged ‘idopathic’ meaning no know cause.

“It is obvious that the decision we make regarding what and what not to eat or drink is a delicate as the task of choosing either a moderated life style in good health or a pleasure-enhanced death after an excruciating debilitating disease experience.”

He said whether the argument might be, the truth is that whether we eat or drink is not only determined by our economic status but by several other non-ecomonics determinants which in turn influence our brain’s decision trajectory particularly towards satisfying our craving instincts.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emmanuel Aluyor, said the University has been able to achieve wonderful milestones within its few years of existence, and has carved a niche for itself in the way she has been able to infuse technology in the delivery of her courses through the use of CANVAS Learning Management System (LMS) in the day to day learning experiences.

“One of our university’s tradition is the delivery of Inaugural Lectures by senior academics which is indeed an avenue for seasoned academics to give a steward of their research”, he emphasized.

Suya may increase chances of cancer, heart disease—Expert

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