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Sweet smell all the way

Evenly Omotoye
Smelling nice is the best compliment anyone can ever appreciate. It is an indication that you are neat and classy in a way, although not a sole determinant.

Keeping a good smell is complementary to your outfit. It does not matter how expensive your clothing is, or beautiful you appear from head to toe, if you don’t have a good smell, you would put people off.

As chewing gums and sweet/candy with mints are to keep the mouth from pungent smell so is perfume or deodorant is to the body. It is a must to have especially for fat or sweaty people. But not to be used as a cover up for dirtiness.

They are different products for keeping a good body odour such as deodorants perfume, body spray or roll-on designed for different purposes. Some are in form of oil to be robbed directly on palms and other body parts.

Deodorants which contain a higher alcohol content, are designed to be sprayed on the body, rolled on or rubbed in your armpits and sweaty areas in order to stop you smelling sweaty. They are specifically packaged to mask body smells.

Perfume is not to mask the body smell but to make the wearer smell nice, beautiful and welcoming. It is a luxury but necessary item in one’s esembles. Perfume was originally used to scent rooms though, later, they became used to scent people, and applied to neck, wrists, chest and so on.

Sometimes, you may buy certain perfumes, in a set which might comprise of a deodorant, shower gel, body lotion and perfume. This is in order for you to build up layers of fragrance, referred to as “layering” which helps to make your fragrance have good longevity and as a result becomes your body odour.

A nice shower with the shower gel, and follow up with the lotion, and deodorant. The lotion is very helpful because dry skin just soaks up perfume, whereas moisturised skin won’t soak the perfume in so readily so that the skin does not absorb too much of alcohol or chemical products.

In actual fact, you don’t need too costly perfumes or deodorant to smell nice. Some of these extra ordinarily expensive designers could contain ‘heavy elements’  that make them last a longer time on the body. And these elements may be carcinogenic, hence take caution.

So, get a simple but very nice of at least a deodorant or perfume and wear it as mild as possible so that you won’t choc others with the smell. Be the delight of everyone  around you and build their confidence in giving you a warm and welcoming hug.

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