Taming Mental Disorders In Nigeria

Taming Mental Disorders In Nigeria

A frightening statistics revealing that 40million Nigerians suffer from mental disorders is worrisome and calls for urgent attention.

PERMANENT Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health, Abdulaziz Mashi Abdullahi at a Mental Health Action Committee and Stakeholders workshop in Abuja made the shocking revelation.

THIS huge figure when broken down shows that about 20percent of the country’s population of 180million is believed to be undergoing this problem. According to the report, one in five Nigerians in the country will experience a mental illness at a point in their lives.

ABDULAZIZ attributed the country’s high burden of mental disorders to inadequate attention paid to mental illness, misconception and lack of awareness on the part of the public.

ADDED to this is the increase in the usage of Tramadol and hard drugs by the youths, the unfriendly economic situation, societal pressure and commitment, stress, stigmatisation, lack of vacation on jobs among several others as causative factors..

THE statistics not withstanding, the upsurge of people with mental health roaming about the streets in Nigeria calls for concern. Government therefore needs to be proactive in curtailing the social threat being posed to other Nigerians.

The situation calls for a state of emergency on mental illness in the country while every effort should be geared towards tackling the scourge.

TO get Nigerians out of this mental scourge, stake holders both the federal and state government should rise to the occasion by improving on all the health facilities in the country, most especially those related to treatment of mental illness.

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OUR position is that confronting this problem requires a sound health policy and well equipped hospitals. Related to this is the training of health personnel to cater for the chunk of  those afflicted with mental problems.

WE note that the present state of our hospitals and health facilities cannot adequately solve this problem. Government should therefore make money available for the sector to stem the impeding implosion.

IT should also endeavor to rehabilitate those with mental illness in our society. What some of them need is care, great attention and monitoring that will make them normal again. We recall a family of five at Ojoga, Cross River state who were rehabilitated by the state government. Today, the family now walk about on the streets of the town as normal persons.

NIGERIANS should cultivate the habit of going on vacation. The craze for money and illusion that someone would take one’s  position while on vacation does not make going on vacation attractive. Government should make vacation compulsory in the country. Developed countries make vacation compulsory, Nigeria too should take a cue from this to lessen the rate of mental disorder in the country.

THE HOPE believes that greater attention paid to mental health disorders in Nigeria is inadequate. The level of awareness is low and poor. One sure way to prevent mental illness is to control stress and increase the citizens resilience to cope with emotional crisis and job loss.

MANY job seekers are walking about the streets today thoroughly frustrated and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

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STEPS must be taken to boost their self esteem by creating more jobs quickly to keep the symptoms of mental disorders under control.

EFFORTS must also be taken to reduce the stigma and discrimination attached to victims of mental disorders in our society.

Taming Mental Disorders In Nigeria

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Taming Mental Disorders In Nigeria

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