Task Before The President-Elect

THE Nigerian Presidential election has been concluded. The Hope congratulates President Muhammadu Buhari for his re-election. It has been a very competitive election which confirms the importance of the office to Nigerians, her neighbours, and the international community.

   THE stake is high considering the economy, security and aspirations of her citizens and the African continent. Nature has been so kind to Nigeria in the quality of its vegetation, diversity of her cultures, abundance of mineral and human resources.

THE major problem of Nigeria has been corruption, incompetent leadership essentially for its wastefulness and rapacity. The reason Buhari has been preferred above other candidates is because of his integrity and lack of tolerance for corruption and the corrupt.

REGRETTABLY,  as his first tenure was taking off, the Nigerian economy was engulfed by the global economic recession. It is a matter of joy that recession is also fading away with the first term. There is hunger in the land, with unemployment and attendant insecurity. This implies that the  economy, which the  opposition has overblown,  must be topmost on the 2nd term agenda. Education, power and agriculture must be processed along in the policy-making of this government for a durable, effective outcome.

THE school must begin to emphasise the place of hardwork, dutifulness and excellence early enough. It must encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and service delivery. This is to curb the malaise of materialism and money ritual.

THE school must impress it on young Nigerians that there is dignity in labour. Again,  school children must be taught to cultivate the land and appreciate the beauty of reproduction in crops and animals. The family, the town, local council areas, state and federal government must design a comprehensive easily accessible land and tenure system in favour of agriculture.

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THE  present arrangement where the tenure system is open to fraud discourages investment in agriculture,  as farmers are exploited and frustrated. Governments should also invest in infrastructure, particularly road, water and power to rural communities.

GOVERNMENTS  should also avail themselves with the latest technology in animal husbandry to improve nutrition and reduce to the minimum clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

GOOD harvest will support food processing. Economic crops will provide raw materials for the manufacturing sector and absorb hundreds of thousands of youths seeking employment.

 NO doubt, the Federal Government has made appreciable progress in power distribution. But the distribution companies have demonstrated gross incompetence so far. It is heartwarming that their contracts are due for review presently. This should be an opportunity to subject each of the distribution companies to appraisal.

  THE federal government should engage those who have competence, right manpower and necessary resources to facilitate power supply. Party patronage must not be the main criterion for engaging electricity distribution any more. Constant power supply will bring about a monumental improvement in productivity for all categories of business. It will also reduce cost of production.

  THE HOPE will be happy to see this Presidency empowering the private sector through provision of quality infrastructure, and by providing security. It is an open secret that corruption has castrated the extant security system. This calls for an overhaul of the security agencies by identifying and purging them of bad eggs.

  OUR security system harbours and is tolerant of kidnappers, economist saboteurs and assassins. There should be sanity in that sector. We must make the Nigerian economy perform. These are effective ways to attract foreign investors rather than some public officials embarking on foreign jamboree ostensibly to invite investors.

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 THERE are terrible challenges to overcome, but Mr President should know that more than 15 million Nigerians have expressed confidence in him. That is a very encouraging population with which to begin the next four-year trip. Let the economy answer, others will team up with him. We wish Buhari  a  successful tenure.

Task Before The President-Elect

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Task Before The President-Elect

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