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The Farmer and his mango

By Kemi Olatunde
A farmer went to the field one day to cultivate. During the work, he glanced at the mango tree and saw a big belle berry ripe mango he picked. An idea happened to him not to eat this mango, but to bring it to his wife whom he loved so much, even though he himself was starving.

When he got home, he called his wife and gave her this mango to show her his love. Very happy with this precious gift, the woman thought directly of her child who had gone to school. She took this mango, thanked her husband sincerely and reassured him that she would eat it afterwards. The woman hid the mango and decided to give it to her son as soon as he returned from school to show him her love.

As soon as the child came home from school, the mother gave him this mango with a lot of joy in her heart. The child thanked his mother warmly for this precious gift and told his mother that he would eat it later. He, too, resolved to hide this mango and make a surprise gift to his father who pays his school fees, believing  that Dad knows nothing about this mango.

 In the evening while everyone was eating the family meal, the child said to his father, “One minute dad, I bring you a present because I love you so much”. He ran to his room and took the mango and gave it to his father.

Surprised to see the same mango he had given to his beloved wife to return to him again, without comment, he asked for the knife and shared it equitably between him, his wife and his child. All ate this mango with a lot of joy.

That’s how love works. When you give love, it comes back to you in another way, because love is the most extraordinary force that governs all the universes.

 It is very important that we love unconditionally.

The Farmer and his mango

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The Farmer and his mango

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