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The gods are at work

The gods are at work

By Theo Adebowale
T he gods are real, powerful and operate in mystery. They do not dwell in the realm of the material. They visit our realm in style to carry out some strange acts, then disappear into the realm of the spirit. They interact with their people. They know them, and their people as well know the gods so well. The gods are displaced when their people are captured, reconfigured into foreign culture and made to dwell in their own land with its geography and vegetation but with foreign science, strange appetites and misconstrued ambitions. They still pay their gods unscheduled, irregular, visits in disguise to seek help when their modern methods fail.

Strange afflictions like Cancer, HIV, Ebola and the likes plunder them. Their economies, individual and corporate fund their treatment in the foreign and imported hospitals receiving medication and therapy for terminal diseases. They have been lured and hounded into treaties and covenants to serve their civilizing mentors, who their offspring would feed with their resources from generation to generation. Their new master appoints for them local champions, shepherds to hold them in contempt and use their crops as pasture for their cattle.

They strive to acquire the culture, gesture, nature and manners of their master. They speak his language; reproduce his constitution and institutions in nomenclature. They use his principles and processes to defraud their own people and launder common wealth into the land of their colonizers. They denounce their own gods in the public and renounce the beliefs of these gods in the beautiful sanctuary built for them only to pay nocturnal visits to the shrine where they misinform the idols and collect charms to control their followers into misery. Substandard infrastructure obtains in Europe is a fake from Asia. Their ruling elites are ruining their patrimony as shepherds from neighbourhood overrun their subsistence. Who will deliver the people from the grip of sinners fake all? Because they are disconnected from the land of their nativity, therein also they are captives. Their captors keep them in their place of birth and imprison their intellect, their history, their potentials but disconnect them from their gods.

Now the political class adopts the fourth Alaafin of Oyo as idol. Sango wielded enormous power and had to be loved by fire, by force, and for your information, he had the means to demand and exact friendliness from the most unwilling source. He was reputed to intimidate friends and enemies with the combined aura of his traditional status as alase ekeji orisa, second in command to the gods and his magical powers. Like Sango, the African, nay Nigerian political official must have his way regardless of whose ox is gored. There was no competition with Sango. As king he had no equal, so no one asked him questions or queried his actions. As an expert of the occult, it was unreasonable to argue with Sango for he can harm with impunity. He also had the most effective manipulation machine.

According to Segun Gbadegesin (2018) Sango was one of the enigmatic figures of traditional political and cultural universe. The most attractive quality of oba ko so among Nigerian politicians is his power of manipulation. When he is at the wit’s end tackling economic challenges, he resorts to levies and taxes of various guises. He raises value added tax without any value in governance. Simultaneously, he deploys his errand boys and girls on the field to peddle rumours and spread fake news. The new media has given them advantage to confuse the jobless, the underemployed and the hungry to speculate about deposition and replacement. They revise and reproduce the tussle between Obey and Sunny Ade, or that between Dele Abiodun and Pick Peters using different actors and locations. The machine of manipulation puts the Yoruba race in Osinbajo’s box and produced the animation of the tango between Tinubu’s camp and the cabal while the borders are shut and prices of commodities are shooting up and up. But the shut borders do not affect the traffic of herdsmen and their beasts. Circulation of elite continues to promote PDP critics the government of the progressives, and spread the treatise of economics without ideology. It is an attribute of Sango widely adopted by politicians without ethnic borders.

On the highway from Akure to Ibadan was a family kindnapped and transported towards Ijare. The family from the Western world well socialized in European culture was made to act a bizarre script with right of choice of roles to play. There was option for father to be sodomised before wife and daughter; daughter, a toddler to be defiled before her parents. Helplessly, the ayes had it as mother, that is, wife, was sacrificed on the altar of sexual perverts who dehumanized her in a sexual orgy and dispossessed them of their material and financial savings in the land where remote sensors are in the atmosphere and banking is electronic. The land was defiled under the jurisdiction of Olofin where kolanut is wealth. But just a settlement within the territory of the modern sovereign, the locals and their monarch had no remedy for the desecration of the land or redress for dehumanization of a family or the violation of the culture. The omnipotent God of christians, publicly accepted through Lord and Savior by the majority is long suffering and forgiving, He patiently awaits repentance of the infest of sinners. Allah, the beneficent worshipped by a few in the locality is adored and served by the herders. To whom shall the people turn? Government and its apparatus are too occupied brooding on how to provide a place of rest, recreation and lodging for those in animal husbandry using techniques and methods of the ancients. Officials are engaged is fortifying selves against onslaught of the ‘wicked’ and here are the people at the mercy of bandits who abide in compassion and grace of the state.

But there is a green hill far away without mote or walls. From the hills issues proclamation of blessings by the monarch to his subjects. To them, it is a restricted area. But herdsmen with the knowledge of freedom of movement cannot be obstructed. The green pasture is food for their cattle. Any obstacle on their path, physical or traditional is subject to the constitution where they draw assurance of freedom of movement. In the realm of the spirit, Olofin hill is domain to Sango who has direct access to the power of the occult. In the House of Oduduwa, no one trespasses in the direction of the god of thunder, the custodian of lightening. ‘O dika risky’. The king himself treads softly, only once in a year, to perform a priestly function.

But shepherds and their flocks are in a hurry to occupy the land for grazing and plunder. Sango is impatient, vengeful and brutal. If only custodians of the earth can be alive to their responsibilities, litigation would reduce. Nature would moderate and there would be no likelihood to resort to lawlessness like the mob in South Africa. To convince the Thomases, 36 heads of cattle are exhibit.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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