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The Impending Flood

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THE perennial flood in our country coupled with the timely warning of the Nigeria meteorological department of impending and high volume of rainfall this year have made it expedient for Nigerians to be adequately prepared for the natural phenomenon.
As present, almost all the states have their varying disastrous tastes of the menace leaving tales of woes in terms of loss of property and lives. In fact, many lives, houses, farmlands and other household materials lives are affected cut off by this natural disaster. Therefore, no state should see itself as being insulated from the impending flood.
THE Hope thus enjoins Nigerians gird their loins and see to the prevention of the usually destructive effects of flood in our midst. No doubt, we all have parts to play in this regard. In this case, preventive measures ought to be more stressed than the fire brigade approach to issues that we presently experience. Governments, at state, national and even local levels should work hand in hand and complement each other in order to ensure that flood is tamed or reduced to its barest minimal level.
THE local governments can use their nearness to the grassroots to mobilize, sensitize and give reorientation to the people as to proper waste disposal methods that are most suitable, hygienic and practicable to their peculiar settings and environment. We also enjoin the Local governments to provide toilets and waste disposal facilities at strategic and conspicuous places where members of the public can access them with little hassles.
ALSO tractors and other earth-moving equipment at the various local government headquarters should be put into use. Individual Nigerians who use their connections, wealth and influence to erect buildings or other obstructive structures on waterways should be encouraged to desist from such practices or be made to face the full wrath of the law. Stiff penalties for such people will give warning signals to others not to indulge in such.
The Hope believes that some of our drainages outlets are overstretched and thus more outlets need to be constructed . Nigerians should be given regular orientation and sensitization through the conventional media of radio and television as well as the traditional system of communication like town criers and messages sent through the traditional chiefs, because of their proximity with the local populace.
WE also canvass that entrepreneurs be made to ensure proper disposal of industrial wastes and ensure that they don’t pose problems to the local populace, or block drains thereby endangering peoples’ lives through chemical or air pollution. Industries seen to be cooperative in waste disposal mechanisms or help to prevent flooding problems should be encouraged with tax relief incentives and awards.
GOVERNMENTS should reward communities seen to be clean and in forefront of anti flood drives. Such we believe will lead to healthy rivalries among the communities and the nation will be the better for it.
THE Hope calls on all Nigerians not to see the warning of the Meteorological department as a child’s play, but rather take it with all the seriousness it deserves by playing our various parts to prevent the menace of flooding in our country.

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