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The Journey In Reverse

The Journey In Reverse

How Amazing Will Your Story Be If You Envisioned Life From Your Last Day?

Aditi Raman Shridhar
How Amazing Will Your Story Be If You Don’t we all just love watching our favourite movie again and again? Or feeling the thrill of reading the same novel thrice even though we know exactly what’s about to come on the next page? We love it so much because we feel elevated, expanded, and a tad bit more soulful when the storyline unfolds into the exhilarating experience that we all want to live in our own lives.

Our mind loves drama, colour, big and bold exciting words. If I said to you, “You are a sweet person,” it would have a pleasant effect on you. But if I dramatize it and say, “I have never met a more soulful, magnanimous and an exciting human being as you,” you will feel large and blissful. Stories stir us, they make us more spirited human beings. The very nature of our being is to express itself in the form of a story, either through words, pictures, music or physical arts such as dance. This is why when we read a novel or watch a movie that takes the characters through extreme highs and lows and in the end, leaves them transformed; we get hooked to that story. We feel hope and satisfaction that our own lives have so much more to offer in the future. The fear of the unknown disappears and we become lively, bouncing with exciting energy, awaiting magical moments to emerge before us.

‘Transformation’ is what we are looking for; yearning to become a better version of ourselves in some small way every day. Whether through our relationships, work or lifestyle, we are all deep down looking for this – to manifest into something so magnificent that is beyond our own individual visions.Reflecting on your life as though you were living your last day helps a lot in achieving this. Imagine if today was your last day, what would it look like? How is your health, what is your age, who is sitting beside you, what is your appearance like, what are you wearing, which country and city are you in, what is your house like, what is the time of the day, what are your regrets, what is giving you contentment, what more could you have done in your life, what did you miss out on, what would you like to go back and change, what do you wish you could have done years ago, what are you most thankful for, do you love yourself, have you cleared all your resentments towards anyone or anything, what have you still not accepted, what more do you wish you saw in your journey, how much longer would you have loved to live, what do you feel about yourself, and lastly and most importantly: DID YOU ENJOY YOUR STORY?

If the answer to this isn’t a resounding YESSSSSS with a thundering CLAP; then your life hasn’t been what it should have been. Instead of reaching that time in your life and looking back and crying, would it not be much more fulfilling and advisable to start doing things so as to be able to feel what you want to feel on that fateful day?

How many times have you postponed that trip that you longed to take, how much longer are you going to wait to lose weight and then wear that beautiful gown you have eyed for months, when are you going to propose the love of your life to marry and have kids, how many more years will you wait to kick off your shoes in the air, be free of worries and just be happy? The woks of the world, the lives of anyone will not change or stop for you. You have to grab this moment and make it what you want it to be. Carpe Diem! Seize the moment my friend and start chalking out your life, day by day, living it as though it were your last day. Unfortunately, no matter how many plans we make or view our life in reverse, none of us really know when that time will come. And it will not give warnings. It could happen in a flash of light, and before you could start truly living, lo and behold, you might just have passed on to the other side.

There are several theories on what happens to us after death. Whether we go to hell or heaven or reincarnate or stop existing, we do not know. But we don’t get a second chance to live this ongoing life with the body that we have and the relationships that we are blessed with once we leave. To make the most of this time, this moment, this day, in the infinite lifespan of the universe, is the only truth that we all know of.

Clearing Roadblocks

Now that we have a tool to craft a new story; i.e by looking at our life in reverse, now comes the second step of viewing all the roadblocks in our story. Are there some toxic relationships that are hurting us, are we carrying trauma andemotional baggage from the past, are we carrying grudges towards someone or something, are we unaware of our laziness, lethargy or weaknesses of any kind, are we ashamed of who we are, are we guilty about something, do we fear wealth and the wealthy, or do we lack the imagination to weave a beautiful story for ourselves?

World famous psychic healer and meditation expert Christie Marie Sheldon talks about 25 blocks that nearly all human beings possess, which become deterrents in our journey. These are 1) Resistance to change, 2) Having doubts and fears, 3) Fear of change, 4) Making money zapping decisions, 5) Fear of growth, 6) Fear of success, 7) Fear of rejection, 8) Fear of wealth and numbers, 9) Indecision in daily life, 10) Feeling stuck spiritually and emotionally, 11) Lack of clarity about personal values, 12) Clueless about future, 13) Mental clutter, 14) Self-unawareness, 14) Family blocks, 15) Blaming self and others, 16) Self-sabotage by subconsciously conditioned habits, 17) Lack of self-worth, 18) Financial delusions, 19) Fear of scarcity, 20) Consciously or unconsciously blocking abundance, 21) Financial messes, 22) Inability to imagine an Ultimate You, 23)Turning profits into losses, 24) Holding on to grudges to feel safe, 25) Desiring Revenge

Once we identify our blocks, it is easier to clear them. For example, being vague about one’s future and lack of self-worth are deeply tied to our childhood and the atmosphere at home around our parents. Many a times, the feeling of being insufficient sprouts in our mind because of some conduct of our parents towards us. Children love to make their parents happy and proud. When a parent unknowingly makes a remark at their kids about how they are not good enough, or compares them to other kids, it invariably creates a feeling of lack and insufficiency in the kid; a trait that never leaves the person even in old age. You must have come across at least someone in their last leg of life who cry about how their father scolded them in childhood, or a chance remark by their mother threw them into depression. Lack of money in the house, and parents remarking how they cannot ‘afford’ something for their kid also produces a feeling of lack in children, and usually becomes a behavioral pattern till late in life. And when adults wonder why they aren’t able to make much money no matter how hard they work; well, peep into their childhood.

All these 25 blocks emerge in the age group 0-7 years in every child when they are only consuming and retaining information from around them. The behavior of the parents and the environment at home (of peace or discord) is most crucial in shaping the nerve, emotion and behavioral architecture in the young brain. There are scientific studies and research to prove that when extremely poor parents make their kids feel like a king, giving them everything in their capacity and make them emotionally feel fulfilled, those kids grow up with a conditioning that they are worthy of wealth and everything in the world and by focus and work they can truly achieve that. These kids are actually able to transform their own and their parents’ life in future. On the contrary, rich parents who always feel scarce in terms of love, achievements and wealth, unknowingly condition their children to feel lack. These kids perform poorly in life.

Feeling abundant and having abundance are two different things, but interdependent. When you feel abundant, your chances of acquiring soulful love and material accumulations are high. But when you feel lack of love, strength and finances in spite of having it in real life, your chances of losing it all is nearly assured. This is because the law of attraction works so meticulously at all times; that whatever you feel, your emotions vibrate at that frequency and send waves outward from you and resonates and pulls back everything that vibrates at that frequency.

This is why homeless people stay homeless because of their apathy towards life. Rich get richer because they vibrate at the frequency mindset and emotion of ‘having everything in material riches’.

Once you look closely at your blocks, pen down everything you can extract from your life (emotions, past experiences, patterns, situations) that shaped you in that way and one by one start erasing them. The way to erase past trauma and behavior and conditioned patterns is simply by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, imagining a white light of energy comping inside of you; washing you in every cell and grain of your being, expanding from your heart center and then exploding in all directions till infinity. In this vast expanse of energy around you, visualize all your incidents and traumas that hurt you, in big print on the energy screen and use a huge eraser and wipe it off. Then sketch a new imaginary portrait of yourself, replace old situations with new ones just like how you want them and then mentally say to yourself – I am so grateful and thankful to have infinite love, beautiful health, abundant wealth and wisdom in my life.Or if you have cleared the trauma; say, I am so grateful and thankful to have cleared all my pain and trauma and I am ready to live a new life. You can word your sentence according to your needs and what sounds elevating and satisfying to you.

Making it real

Now that you are ready to create a new life story, have become aware of your roadblocks and begun clearing them, and have viewed your beautiful story in reverse; now is the time to start manifesting it day by day, month by month, with putting hard work into it and physically materializing it. Happy Manifesting!Envisioned Life From Your Last Day?

Aditi Raman Shridhar is an Indian writer, health and wellness expert.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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