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The king of kings

By Flasade Afe
Before you can call somebody King of kings, it means there are kings, in which one of them is more superior than  the others. That is, somebody that has power over the earth and the heaven which is Jesus Christ.

        The other kings can die, fade and fail but this King of Kings  never dies, fades, fails and he can not change. He was made king to give us the grace to be his children.

 Concerning kidnappings in Ondo state, Celestial Church of Christ organised prayer to put an end to it and at the end, we believe that God has answered our prayers.

 It is our  duty to let people know about Jesus Christ. Jesus is the king of kings, God chose him as a sign without flesh and blood, God made him the king, he has been given power that there is nobody like him according to Philippians chap 2:5-10 from verses 9-10, God gave him powers that is above all power that at the name of Jesus every kneel must bow.  So we organised this programme to tell people that Jesus is the king of kings.

 If we allow him in the forthcoming elections, he will choose our leaders for us.

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