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The power of wisdom (1)

Pastor Odunayo Ketiku

I welcome my readers to this edition. It’s my prayer that we shall be blessed in Jesus name even as we go through this with an open mind. Today we shall be looking at the Power of Walking in the Wisdom of God. There are three kinds of Wisdom according to the book of James 3:13-18. There is Godly Wisdom which is from above. This Wisdom is Peaceable, Pure, Gentle, Willing to yield. It’s full of Mercy and good Fruits, Without partiality and hypocrisy. There is the Earthly Wisdom which is Demonic and the Sensual Wisdom that depends totally on the Natural.
The Wisdom that God ordains for a godly life here is the Godly Wisdom and this is the Wisdom that Flows from Jesus who has been Made unto us Wisdom 1 Corinthians 1:30. We shall therefore for the next two editions be looking at this Master Key of all times. So today, we shall be taking the 1st Part. Trusting God to see more Editions, we shall by His Grace move on in the next editions.
Wisdom is so powerful that death says it doesn’t know the way to her house. You know what that means? It means when Wisdom is in operation, there can be no death. Job 28:22 – death and destruction only heard about the exploits of wisdom, they cannot find it out.
Wisdom makes prudence available – Proverbs 8:12. Prudence is different from stinginess. Prudence enables us to make wise investment decisions. You don’t put your money in a business that will go down tomorrow. There is something strange about Wisdom that allows you to know.
The strength that wisdom provides makes Solomon to say that wisdom is better than weapons of warfare: Eccl 9:18. No wonder he never fought a physical battle all his days. Wisdom derives him from strength understanding. A man of understanding will be outstanding. Proverbs 8 :14. You stand out by what you know. What does Eccl 9:18 mean? Applying the wisdom of God in every area of our lives is far superior than adopting strategies of the world to overcome the evil one. 2 Cor 10: 3 -5
Proverbs 8:15 Since Wisdom is the capacity to see things from God’s perspective and respond according to spiritual principles, it means you will always triumph over life’s situations that you apply wisdom on. You will see yourself always taking the right steps. Proverbs 3: 21
Wisdom is demonstrated is right answers in every situation. Proverbs 15: 2-
Remember Gideon in Judges 8:1-3. Wisdom enabled him to avoid going to battle with the men of Ephraim who accused him wrongly and in anger. Not all battles are necessary but it takes the Wisdom of God to avoid them.
Wisdom will produce for us true riches and honour Proverbs 8:18-21. Enduring Riches. No wonder Solomon was very Wise and Wealthy. Both of them go together. Wisdom produces riches. When the Queen of Sheba came to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, she came with gold worth billions of naira. Solomon’s wealth was a by- product of his wisdom. If you really want to reign financially, then go for wisdom.
As Earlier said, the Only True Wisdom that will produce all these and others we shall be looking at in Subsequent Editions is Only found in Jesus Christ. Through His death, He was made for us the Wisdom of God so Please dear Reader, Let Jesus be your Lord and Saviour. These times are too dangerous for games. Give your life to Him and Endeavour to learn at His Feet for Spiritual Growth. A believer that is not growing will be stinking so Growth is Compulsory. For your Spiritual Growth, please study the Word daily. Colossians 3:16. You also need a family church. Peradventure you need one, you are Warmly invited to be part of us in Christlike Assembly. It’s a Place to belong. Our headquarter church is Opposite Akure South LG Secretariat ilesa rd Akure, Ondo State. Nigeria ‘ .
With the Love of God, I say Shalom
1 pray the Lord to keep us safe in His arms till we meet again here in the next edition. Till then, stay blessed, stay RAPTURABLE and stay Safe. Shalom.

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