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The power of wisdom (2)

By Pastor Odunayo Ketiku


I welcome our readers to this week’s edition. Today, we shall continue our discussion on the Power of Wisdom. Wisdom is so needful that Solomon counselled us to get Wisdom with all our getting Prov 4:7. He calls it the Principal. After Principal, everything else is a Subsidiary. Wisdom is Principal to destiny Fulfilment in God’s Kingdom. Let’s analyse again some of the things that Wisdom enables us to do.
1. Wisdom teaches you how to make profit and get wealth – Deut 8:11. Getting wealth is not a factor of how hardworking you are. You will agree with me that our society does not lack hardworking people but Results are few. Luke 5:1 -11 is relevant. Until Jesus-The Wisdom of God stepped in, it was labor in futility. Psalm 127:1
2. Wisdom preserves – Prov 4: 6, Prov. Eccl 7 :12. We can see how Wisdom preserved the household of Nabal in 1 Sam 25:18-19, 24-25 through the Wisdom of Abigail. Listen to her words of wisdom in verses 24-31. There is no man, regardless of how angry he was that would listen to Abigail and would still go ahead to punish her. No wonder Prov 14:1 says ” a wise woman builds her home”. Our homes can only be preserved by the wisdom of God. The battles of this end time are real and they are very fierce against the home,
3. Wisdom Promotes. Joseph is a very good example, He knew what would save Egypt and Pharaoh from destruction and he brought up solutions that made him to get promoted. Gen 41:41. You can only be noticed when you have what someone else needs. No one ignores a man of Solution. Where you find yourself is not a problem, just desire Wisdom that will take you from where you are to where God has ordained for you. You have what your World needs. Tap into God’s Wisdom and bring it out. You are a solution and not a problem. God never created a liability so you are not one. You are an asset.
4. Wisdom produces witty invention Prov. 8:12. Do you remember Bezalel in Exodus 35 :30? God gave him Wisdom and Understanding in Creative arts. He was therefore responsible for all the Artistic Works of the tabernacle in the wilderness. There is something that must be created by you that would make your world to bow for you. It comes via Wisdom
Triggers of Wisdom
1. The Fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom. Prov 9:10. The Fear of the Lord is to Know Him. When you know Him, you will be able to Reverence Him and His Word. The Fear of the Lord makes His Will to be Supreme in your life. The Fear of the Lord says “let Your will be done O Lord”
2. Christ is our Wisdom , So know Him. Take the time to know His Word. -1 Cor. 1 :24
3. Diligence – Prov 21:5 Be hardworking, Study hard, Put pressure on yourself and learn new things.
4. Instructions is described as our lives. Prov 4: 13. You get Instructions in the place of study and meditation and prayer. You are a Product of the Instructions you choose to obey or disobey. Prov. 8: 33, Prov 9: 8. Instructions also come via Counsel. Prov 11:14
5. It takes searching out – Prov. 8:34, Why? Because it is hidden – Job 28:21. It’s only for serious minded people. Wisdom is not on the streets. It therefore requires diligent Search. Read the books of great men that have done what you are trying to do. There is wisdom locked up therein for discerning minds
6. People who are thinkers are always men and women of wisdom. People who don’t think will stink. It’s not about thinking of their problems but meditating on the Word of God wherein lies solution. The bible is not a religious book. It is God’s Manual for a Productive life.- John 1:8.
7. Silence. Francis Bacon says “silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom”, Marianne Williamson says “Silence is the Sabbath of the soul. Therein we rest, and therein we hear everything”, Thomas Carlyle – “Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together” Decimius Magnus Ausonius – “he who does not know how to be silent will not know how to speak. “See Prov. 17: 28.
8. It responds to prayers – James 1: 5. This is a very important key. You can make it a daily cry unto God. It’s Worth it. Ask in faith and watch yourself grow in Wisdom. Shalom
Peradventure you have not given your life to Christ, please Kindly do so now because this Wisdom is for the Children of the Kingdom. After you have done so, embark on serious search of the Word. You cant afford to be ignorant in this Kingdom. You will not be different from an unbeliever. Seek to know God more. Have fellowship with bible believing Christians. In case you need a place to fellowship, please be our Special Guest on Sunday at 9am at Christ Like Assembly opp Akure South LG Secretariat Ilesa rd Akure Ondo State. God bless you richly. Please feel free to reach me with your testimonies or questions on 08164733401.

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