‘The Saints also cry’

By Sunmola Olowookere
Before daybreak, her bell and voice are heard in the streets calling sinners to repentance. She was very particular about some series of sins.

She would harp while jiggling her bell in time with her voice, punching each words emphatically “you,  wizard, you witch, you adulterers, repent! because the kingdom of God is at hand”.

The three sins mentioned above are the most referred to ones by the preacher.

 Her morning cry ministry peaked at a time when some people of her ilk became afraid for their lives because of the kidnappers that went on rampage.

In Abuja, an elderly evangelist was hacked to death by unknown assailants and her body was dumped on the street. This incident among others frightened many.

 Undeterred and not frightened by the trend,  her voice and bell was still heard at dawns.

However, some months ago, what she never expected deterred her and her early morning evangelism became rare and far in between.

she took drugs which she bought from the local chemist but it didn’t work. She was puzzled. Why were the drugs not working? They usually did.

she grew worried and a thought came unbidden into her heart. “could it be that? ” she thought. Her heart shook with fear and trepidation

When she  was not recovering from the various symptoms she grew alarmed rather than recover, she grew weaker and sicker. She had to go to the hospital for treatment and test. She underwent checkup and it was revealed that she was suffering from a relapse of cancer; a disease which  ravaged her body two years ago. One of her breasts was chopped off and they all thought it was over

It was a trying time for the family. Her husband who is a pastor in one of the local churches in our neighbourhood gathered his pastor friends together so they could pray in agreement for his woman.

 She was in her early fifties and though she had two grown up daughters who were already mothers, she was too young to die.

However, in spite of prayers, supplications and treatment, her body succumbed to the rigours of the disease and she gave up the ghost.

Our neighbourhood is currently thrown into grief, anguish and confusion as the prophetess whom many women look up to for prayers, guidance and counseling was no more.

It was a terrible period for the family as the daughters wept uncontrollably and the father gnashed his teeth in grief. The residents flocked to the family in sympathy.

The Church members wondered how their pastor’s wife who was also a prophetess could die in her prime and so suddenly.

In spite of their disbelief, shock and grief, they had to give her body to the mother earth by the second day.


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