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The troubled heart

By Kayode Kolawole

JOHN 14 : 1.
{Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me}.

Whenever an instruction is given by anybody, the following are always considered either consciously or unconsciously.
-The personality of the authority behind the instruction. In this narrative, Our Lord Jesus Christ was the authority in charge. It was a credible instruction based on who he is to you and me.
-The receivers of the instruction. At this point in time, the disciples of Jesus Christ who were about to face a trying period were the receivers.
-The time of the conversion. It was the time when Jesus was about to be crucified. “And Jesus saith unto them, All ye shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written, l will smite the shepherd,
and the sheep shall be scattered”. An unpleasant episode was waiting for the disciples.
This was the scenario when Jesus made this statement. As you are in the beginning of the second half of the year 2020, the instruction of Jesus to the disciples is deeply relevant to us probably more than it was when Jesus was about to be crucified.
In our lives today, it is not Jesus who will not let our hearts to be troubled. Jesus said, it is our personal spiritual and emotional responsibility to make sure that our hearts are not troubled by believing in God the father and Jesus our savior through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.
All human beings in the land of the living from the time of Adam till now had always been troubled in three categories of events.
Activities Of Past Events.
The Present Events In Our Lives.
The Events That Are Coming Or May
Not Even Come.
-Let us reveal them chronologically.
*The Past Events. They are related to the following.
°The scholarship you missed in the past.
°The woman/man who jilted you in the past.
°The job you lost many years ago.
°The promotion you were denied of many years ago.
°The beloved member of your family who died many years ago through the fingers of ‘mischievous household’ enemies.
°The evil event which became the eventual summary of life of the man who passed through what you are going through now. And so on.
Let it be known unto you that the Bible says “Behold, l will do a new thing:” Let your mind set overcome the evil of the past. Affliction shall not rise up again in your life.
*The Present Events. They revolve around you with the use of the following activities.
°The problems of the present house you live.
°The evil activities in your street, town or country.
°The present attitude of your spouse to your marriage.
°The increasing and disturbing level of hypocrisy in the church you attend.
°The diabolical administrative set up in your place of work that is practically hostile to growth in service.
°The present academic performance of your children at school.
°The intention of your son/daughter to marry a proposed partner whom you know is a product of bad upbringing.
Many confusing and unfriendly situations are now falling as rain in the lives of many people but the Bible says ” He shall call on me, and l will answer him: l will be with him in trouble: l will deliver him, and honour him ” Psalm 91 : 15.
*The Coming Events. Many are extremely worried about the things they were told about tomorrow or about what they personally told themselves or read from somewhere like.
°What will happen after the graduation of their children in the labour market without employment.
° The quarrel that may erupt after their departure to heaven between their children.
°The likely government policy about the business world of tomorrow.
°What may suddenly happen if they are transferred tomorrow.
° They are worried about what may likely happen if their marriages suddenly scattered.
° Some are even worried about the likely sudden death of members of their family despite the promise of long life by the most high God. The care and anxiety about tomorrow is not your portion. The Bible says in Psalm 37 : 37. “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.”
Beloved, the voice of Jesus in more than capable to direct your life. Let not your heart be troubled. It’s well with you.
Your Sincere Friend.
Kayode Kolawole.
MFM SW 14, Owo.

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