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Think Entrepreneurship: Acquiring skills

By Abosede Ajala


Acquiring skills is very important, for it helps everyone with entrepreneurial mindset to improve their ways of thinking.  Moreso, it helps in problem solving and knowing the qualities of their lives.  Do you know that it helps in earning a living through self-employment, also improves our knowledge, bring creation of employment opportunities, reduced over reliance on government, and brings about the improvement in the quality of lives and services which are provided to other people or services rendered.

Towards the end of the year there is a magic money making skill that people are yet to key in or discovered.  The making of paint in renovating buildings or for the painting of new houses, coating of rusted pipes, iron doors etc., are left for big industries but you can make a difference by following the steps we are going to give you today on how to make paints.   Although, we have different types but the most cheaply, quickest easy to manufacture without exorbitant equipment is emulsion, others are glossy, texture and ceiling paints.

Some of the Components

The solvent:  Actually, the major paints used in Nigeria are either oil based paint which usually has shinny or glossy look, while the other is water based paints, this type does not have a shining appearance. 

The pigment: this also gives the paint its colour, in addition to this is the additives and resins.  All the ingredient needed to make paint can be easily seen in the market, purchase some quantities, practice with it and check the result this can move you to the main production that is bringing the entrepreneurial mindset in you.  There is ready market for this provided yours is a quality one.  You can start with the emulsion first as it requires water as the base and the mixing is without stress.

The issue of NAFDAC registration will come up to your mind but it is expected you make the production first.  Take the step of faith to actualize this long and overdue dream of yours today.  Among the materials and equipment needed is giant big drums, sterilized water and turning sticks. You can start this production with less than Two hundred thousand naira (N200,000.00) and hit the market for a start.   Do not allow your dreams to be swept under the carpet.  

Hence, there is no need waiting for a white collar job, explore the skills you have or acquire knowledge of some of the skills you can easily access their raw materials.


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